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Simple Theatre Simple theatre

“Simply Simone” turned out to be simply perfect as the inaugural performance for the newly renovated Brown Building Theatre. Created and co-authored by David Grapes '77 MFA, the world premiere musical featured a four-woman cast and a four-piece band suited for the intimate theatrical space.

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Blues story thumbnail image Blues on film

Take seven local blues musicians. Put them under lock and key in the Caswell County jail. Add one pretty ingénue photographer on a mission to preserve the rural South before bulldozers turn it into a strip mall. Mix in one crusty old moonshiner, a spirit woman, a guitar player on the lam from the law, revenuers and dramatis personae of assorted raffish characters. The result is “Bone Creek,” a new feature film from broadcasting and cinema professor Dr. Emily Edwards that mixes music with drama and magical realism.

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Memories at the museum Memories at the museum

How can memories be accurate if they evolve and fade? Can they ever be trusted? Or are they the most valuable thing you possess? The Weatherspoon Art Museum's exhibition, “The Lining of Forgetting: Internal & External Memory in Art,” explores the ways we remember, both as individuals and collectively, and highlights how we often forget and alter our memory.

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