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Our last issue highlighted the legacy of Chancellor Patricia A. Sullivan. Several of you wrote in to talk about the difference she has made to UNCG. The following are a sampling of letters written to us and to the chancellor.

Chancellor Sullivan is one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I've ever met. I had the pleasure of working with her on campus when I was a senior and served as a student member of some university committees. She sincerely put the needs and thoughts of students above everything else and that is an admirable trait. I have also received a couple of her note cards and have saved them to this day as a reminder to always thank and acknowledge those in my life who truly make a difference and do a great job. She was an inspirational leader and her accomplishments have been stunning. I was privileged to have been a student at the beginning of her era and feel she has been the best marketer for UNCG in the school's history.

C. Renee Boyd Shipko '98

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Dear Chancellor Sullivan,

For your vision and hard work you have given to UNCG, I thank you as an alumna and staff member. You have made a difference here.

Melanie Hoover '93

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What a tribute! It couldn't have been better. Chancellor Sullivan is a special human being, a wonderful role model and a true world citizen. I felt closer to her than ever when I read her interview and your story.

I value the chair I sit in each day. I have her old blue leather chair which was going to surplus. Yeah, it is a little scuffed up and in some ways, not just the right height, despite the adjustments I've tried to make to it, but it is very special to me. I see it as a very physical connection to Pat Sullivan's tenure here at UNCG. I think of the decisions she made while sitting in this chair … the interesting people she greeted in her office, standing up from this chair, and how she must have spent many a late night in her office brainstorming … in this chair. As you can tell, I have great respect for this piece of furniture and its soft blue leather.

Thank you and the staff for doing a wonderful job on the magazine. It makes me proud to be an alumna and a UNCG staff member and supporter.

Cindy Clontz van Laar '78

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