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In our last issue we had fun with food. We asked you to send us your favorite food memories and we got a wonderful response. Look below for all responses.

It was around 1966. It was a Tuesday night when one of the local hamburger fast foods near the campus offered a 10-cent burger. To get there we chose not to walk a few extra steps and go through the tunnel, but walked up the embankment to cross a series of train tracks. There was a stationary freight train parked between us and our destination on one of the tracks. I chose to crawl under the boxcar while my friend went thru the sliding doors. Just then the train started to roll forward. We were distracted momentarily and failed to see the fast moving train coming toward us on the adjacent track. Suddenly, it was upon us and we jumped out of the way landing next to the train as it thundered by. We discovered after returning to the dorm and downing 20-cents worth of dry burgers that the cafeteria had served steak that night.

Carol Pierce Chestnutt '67

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During the early '70s, the cafeteria had theme nights and named the food accordingly. For St. Patrick's Day, they dyed the soft serve vanilla ice cream green. I forget what they named it.

They must have had plenty of the green ice cream left because on their next Italian themed night, they served the green ice cream and called it “Gladiator Slush.”

Marilynn Byerly '75

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I was a WC student in the late 1940s just after the end of World War II. We still had food rationing booklets of stamps in the fall of '46 when I entered, which we had to turn in to the dining service. We could get two teaspoons of sugar per meal which we could choose to use on cereal, grapefruit or coffee at breakfast. One morning the lid on the sugar container came off when my spoonful was being dumped on my grapefruit. Sugar was everywhere. I quickly sped away from the line, and I and all my companions had our fill of sugar that morning.

Betty Ervin '50

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While I was at UNCG, there was a “soda riot” in the spring at the beginning of final exams. The vending machines in the dorms at that time only dispensed sodas in returnable bottles. Many of us (me included), instead of returning the bottles to the crates next to the machines, simply lined up the empties on the wide molding that ran around the walls of our rooms. When exam time came, the administration announced that the vending company was no longer going to stock the machines because of our failure to return their bottles. Within hours, a “spontaneous revolt” was under way. No sodas during exams? From rooms all across the campus heaps and piles of empty soda bottles were deposited on the lawn area in front of the administrative offices. Not only were individual stashes returned, but the few crates that were filled with empties were collected from the dorms and added to the piles. The soda company had to send several completely empty trucks and extra personnel to crate and carry away our “returns.” Needless to say, the company's decision was reversed the next day!

Sylvia L. Beeson '68

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I lived in Gray dorm when I was at UNCG (1978-82). We girls quickly learned we could make a great mocha milkshake at the Caf when the food was less than appetizing! We would take an instant coffee packet, tear it open, fill it with hot water, and then pour over a glass filled with chocolate soft serve ice cream, then put a little milk in it, and stir! Mmmmm. I had that many nights for dessert, and sometimes, for the meal!

Judy Hunsucker Guard '82

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My Caf food memories include peeling apart a grilled cheese sandwich and sliding in a chicken patty. If the sandwich was hot enough, the bread didn't tear. I lived on those for a year. Also a ton of lettuce and Italian dressing. I think the soft serve ice cream/yogurt machines were introduced while I was there — a kid's dream come true. The best part of the Caf, though, was getting together with your friends and talking and talking and talking…

Jill Pavey Cofer '82

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As a northerner who came South for college, I remember most vividly Thursday dinner in the dining hall at then Woman's College. Every Thursday it was the same. We had skinny sausages, grits and greens. I had never seen, let alone tasted, any of the three. One meal, once tasted, and it was Thursday nights across the road for dinner!

Lois Buck Levin '50

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I worked in the Dining Halls … I had transferred to WCUNC from a Junior College in N.J. ( I had worked there two years serving tables). I worked tables two weeks at WC and then was made a hostess and checker and have many fond memories of the food we were served and served. The homemade pies were undoubtedly the best … and the food was most superior to the food I had eaten at the Jr. College. We ate prior to the rest of the students in our own dining hall and the black-eyed peas and grits were new for me which I learned to enjoy. The most fond quick dessert for me was the honey served on the homemade biscuits … I still eat them now when I crave something sweet. Students at AT&T also worked in the kitchens and the most memorable time of Christmas was enhanced when we all joined in singing Christmas carols together. Our voices couldn't have been better … I do think those experiences enhanced my life at WCUNC and later when I taught art, married, had four children, was involved with Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts as well as serving as the State President of our CT Women's Clubs and later as Visual Arts Chair of the GFWC International Board of Woman's Clubs. Fond memories are not to be forgotten.

Naoma Muller Morgenstein '51

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I graduated from UNCG when it was WC in 1961. One of our favorite expressions was “mystery meat.” We would ask what was for dinner or lunch and that was the answer! My favorite meal was Sunday breakfast at 8:00. Of course, very few students got up on Sunday and perhaps that was why the meal was special. We had eggs that could be fried, grits, toast, bacon and/or sausage. I don't remember country ham. One note: none of us lost weight during our four years. We could not cook in the dorm, so I don't know if our popcorn was illegal or not. Our absolute favorite treat was to go to the Yum Yum for the best ice cream we ever tasted. We had NO cars and rarely went to downtown Greensboro. All our expenses were included in one payment: food, laundry, housing, tuition. Anyone who looks at the fee today would say we were the best educated women for the best price in the USA. I will always remember a WC expression: “Educate a woman and you educate a family.”

Joyce Stephens Harvey '61

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My favorite campus food memory is eating soup and salad in the old Dogwood Room of the Elliott University Center in the early 1990s. That was my comfort food on cold winter days. The salad bar was well stocked, and the soups hearty and delicious. I also appreciated the crisp white table linens, sturdy plates and flatware. Dogwood staff were always courteous and helpful. And while folks swarmed around the adjacent dining area and waited in line for Taco Bell or other fast food, the atmosphere in Dogwood was calm and serene by comparison. It was the nicest dining option on campus at the time.

Suzanne Williams '04

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In response to the Survey Says questions:

Favorite meal in the Caf:

Don't recall a specific dish, but the thing I miss and think of most, are all the varieties of cereals you could have for breakfast … You could eat Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, Raisin bran, Frosted flakes, Rice Crispies, Cocoa Crispies, Apple Jacks … sometimes I would pour multiple bowls — a little in each — for breakfast.

I never buy these sugary cereals now, and they're so expensive, that if I were to splurge, it would probably be just for one box.

Favorite exam munchies:

In those days, probably potato chips, Oriental snack mix and Clearly Canadian waters.

What kinds of foods did you cook in the dorm?

We ordered a lot of Papa John's.

Favorite foods when sick:

Noodle soup, not chicken noodle soup, but Ramen noodles (because it's cheap). I add egg, veggies and hot peppers to my Ramen. A lot of Asians eat noodles this way.

Favorite food when broke:

When I didn't have a lot of money, I would cook spaghetti noodles, then drain and sauté them in a pan with oil, add crumbled seaweed and soy sauce. It was cheap, fast, and sometimes I still crave it.

Favorite pizza:

Papa John's and the cheesier the better. If I had money, then it was Pieworks.

Tina Firesheets '94

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We made popcorn regularly in the dorm — the kind with oil and kernels and an electric popper. I think they poppers were illegal, but they worked great!

We always enjoyed steak and baked potatoes in the cafeteria.

There was a pizza place across from campus near Aycock Auditorium. Don't remember the name of it, but it was inexpensive and popular for pizza.

Things were so different back then. I remember my father stopping by Admissions and picking up an application. I filled it out without ever stepping foot on a college campus, applied for early decision, was accepted and thus, end up at UNCG. I got a great education.

Carol Breckheimer '71

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