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Spartan statue On guard

Minerva and Charlie aren't the only ones standing around. A 1,500-pound statue of a Spartan, the university's mascot, now overlooks the campus from his pedestal between the softball and soccer stadiums.

Linda P. BradyYou're invited

Tuesday, May 5, will be a special day in the life of UNCG. At 10 a.m., Chancellor Linda Parrish Brady will be installed as the university's 10th chancellor.

dorm image Bringing it home

Two beds, two desks, two dressers and a closet. That's your typical residence hall room. But students are making sure it feels like home, sweet home.

online laundry monitor image Load 'em and leave 'em

Oh, the indignity of finding your clean undies tossed onto the laundry room floor because some impatient person needed your machine. Students living in UNCG's residence halls need worry no more. They have LaundryView.

Bryan House image A stop on the tour

Curious about how a chancellor lives? PhD Linda P. Brady's home — the Bryan House — will be featured in the Greensboro Council of Garden Clubs' 2009 Home and Garden Tour.

Diane Welsh image How to succeed in business

A conversation with Dianne Welsh, the Charles A. Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Bryan School of Business & Economics.

Linda Carlisle image In the cabinet

Linda Carlisle '72 has always been a busy woman, but she's just gotten busier. Carlisle is the new Secretary of Cultural Resources for the state.

Linda P. Brady image A meeting of the minds

This spring, Chancellor Linda P. Brady went back to high school — at least for a day.

Talking it up

“We now know that genes can be turned ‘on’ and ‘off’ by environmental cues, AND that once so effected the modified gene can be passed from generation to generation. You really are your mother, in more ways than you may have imagined.”

UNCG biology professor Dr. Bruce Kirchoff, in his blog, Save the Earth

“We have gone from one of the most hapless, hopeless Greensboro teams I have possibly ever had at midseason to a team that is determined, organized, disciplined and wants to win. It's unbelievable the change from midseason to now. You wouldn't recognize this as the same team.”

UNCG soccer coach Michael Parker in the News & Record after beating Duke in the NCAA tournament

“I think there's a disconnect here. We're talking about maintaining the goals of the university, and outside the walls of the university, the walls are crumbling. … The question I think we should ask is, ‘Should we take a pause?’”

Trustee William Pratt at a Board of Trustees meeting where proposed 6.5 percent tuition increase was scaled back to 5 percent, reported in the News & Record

“I don't want to live next door to my characters. I feel that I know them too well.”

Author John Irving in response to an audience query during a visit to UNCG Nov. 6

old news title image


What is Neo-Black Society?

This year the Neo-Black Society celebrates its 40th anniversary. While it's been a strong part of campus life for years, it wasn't always a known entity. This 1968 article by Ada Fisher '70 introduced the Neo-Black Society to students.

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