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chancellor installationPomp and promise

The day may have been rainy, but spirits were bright. On May 5, Chancellor Linda P. Brady took her place as the university's 10th chancellor. Take a look at memorable moments from the day.

School of Education ground breaking Breaking ground for education

The new School of Education building will have a ďgreen,Ē sustainable design, saving on energy costs.

Quad residence hallsQuad proposal will go to trustees at first fall meeting

No decision has been made on whether to renovate or rebuild the Quad residence halls, and the Board of Trustees will be receiving further information over the summer on the long-term direction for student housing at UNCG.

ZIM image Got two?

It may seem like $2 to you, but to junior Zim Ugochukwu it's something else entirely. Two dollars can buy a cup of coffee. Or it could go toward Ignite Greensboro — a group Zim organized to raise money for the International Civil Rights Museum and boost the level of activism in Greensboro.

Shakespeare reading image Happy birthday, Bill

UNCG faculty, staff and students celebrated Shakespeareís 445th birthday April 24 with a marathon reading of the Bardís 154 sonnets. Readers, many of them in Shakespearean garb, gathered in front of Jackson Library. The celebration ended with sparkling grape juice, cake and a rousing verse of ďHappy Birthday.Ē

Dr. Henry S. Levinson Toasting Henry

UNCG honored Dr. Henry S. Levinson, longtime professor of religious studies, with HENRYFEST March 28 and 29.

Talking it up

“Her rich and diverse experiences must have convinced President Bowles that she would be a driving force as the leader at UNCG. President Bowles recognized her as a person who gets things done, and for the short period I have known her, I can say ‘amen’ to that.”

Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson speaking of Chancellor Linda P. Brady during her installation as UNCG's 10th chancellor.

“The odds are better that youíll make it to the finals in the NCAA basketball tournament than get invited to the Kennedy Center.”

Theatre professor John Wolf on “Revenger's Tragedy,” which was invited to play the Kennedy Center April 15 as part of the 2009 American College Theatre Festival.

“He's a very mysterious figure, and I suspect he would have liked it that way. His life sort of disappears into his work.”

Dr. Hephzibah Roskelly, who proposed the reading of all 154 sonnets at Jackson Library lawn to mark Shakespeare's birthday.

“What I love about this project is, finally, some good actors are getting the attention. We've all heard about the Enrons and the AIGs and the WorldComs. All the bad actors are famous. It's time the good businesses — that are acting good and doing right — that their stories get told too.”

Wade Maki, a lecturer who teaches the Bryan School's ethics class, whose 30 students helped local companies apply for the 2009 Piedmont Business Ethics Awards.

old news title image

Letís eat out

A look at restaurant ads from the past decades

The best place to grab a bite — on or off campus? Generations of students have been on a mission to find out. Enjoy a look at restaurant advertisements from throughout the decades — and see if one of your favorites from an earlier decade is among them.

view Old Carolinian restaurant ads slideshow

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