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Just loved the photos of the Residential College 40th celebration! (Almost put my eyes out but it was worth it.) I was the part time “secretary” when the RC and Emily Arndt were born. It was a dubious title because I didn't like to type and wasn'ít much good at it but along with student help I edited and typed the weekly mullet wrapper SuperNews among other things. It was a standard bad joke that I typed slowly so my hair wouldn't get caught in the typewriter. As it turned out my hair was very short at the time for the very same reason.

Those were the days of James Taylor's “Fire and Rain,” no air conditioning, the basement classrooms, gender neutral rooming, clanking radiators, wondering how we would know if the RC succeeded. It appears it has. I moved on to other pastures as my two year attention span was up. Mindy, Martha, Frances and Mo came back to celebrate I see. And the Arndts and Charles Tisdale have weathered well.

I wish for all of you the pleasure of looking back and remembering. Warren would be delighted.

Betty Rogers '56x

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I loved the story about Karla Davis. She's an athlete who graduated in four years and has made UNCG proud. I think she'll be a huge star.

Jane Pigg

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I am a graduate of the class of 1956. I had Dr. Ashby for a religion course, and I remember him well! He was a good teacher and very, very nice person.

Hope to see you next year for my 55th. Cannot believe it!

Evelyn Greenberg Peck '56

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I really like the online magazine. I can read it at work during break times without having to lug the printed copy around.

Margaret Carlson '73

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