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Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering story image School of the small starts big

The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering welcomed its first group of students this fall. With the opening of classes, the JSNN became one of fewer than 10 schools nationally to offer degree programs in nanotechnology.

Tom Ross imageTom Ross to lead UNC system

Soon-to-be UNC system President Thomas W. Ross has several UNCG ties.

Study Abroad imageStudy offers hope for colorectal cancer urine test

A urine test could one day offer a cheaper, less invasive alternative to a colonoscopy for diagnosing and monitoring colorectal cancer, a new study suggests.

Alt Desc for imageA new normal

In her Aug. 18 State of the Campus Address, Chancellor Linda P. Brady described a “new normal,” an era in which UNCG must continue to improve despite scarce public funds. She outlined a grim budget picture for the near future and a bold vision of what UNCG must do to thrive.

Structural shift

The academic restructuring on campus has a number of people curious about what it will mean for the future for various units and for the university. Provost David H. Perrin explains the process and timetable as he addresses a few questions.

Chancellor Report imageNew from the inside out

A renovated North Spencer Residence Hall reopened in August as home to 194 students in Lloyd International Honors College.

Chancellor Report imageWell preserved

The Alumni House has always been lovely. Now it's award-winning.

Chancellor Report imageNo car? No problem.

Parking may be the headache of universities everywhere, but UNCG is making strides to offer greater transportation options.

SaQuang Lam imageSend soccer balls

The sign hanging in Student Health Services said it all. “Welcome Home, SaQuang!” SaQuang Lam '04X, a Student Health systems administrator, returned this year from his second tour of duty in Iraq.

Talking it up

“There's really nothing in our curriculum now that addresses how to make a living at what we're training you to do. We want musicians to be great successes, not to just survive.”

David Holley, director of UNCG Opera, quoted in the Aug. 20 Business Journal on the initiative to incorporate entrepreneurship into a variety of disciplines across the university.

“Even though I would never do it because I'm too scared of dying, I've always wanted to climb Mount Everest. … I think there would be nothing better than to stand up on top of the world and know you're there, and you have a really long way to get down.”

Jazz professor Chad Eby, quoted in the Aug. 19 Go Triad.

“We had no intention of doing it more than once. But it was such a success, we did it again. And again.”

Dr. Jan Van Dyke, head of the dance department, on the 20-year run of the N.C. Dance Festival, in the Sept. 5 News & Record. The Greensboro performances were held in Aycock Auditorium Nov. 5-6.

“It's as if each character were a streetcar named bizarre. You know they're on track for a collision, and somebody's going to get mangled, maybe killed.”

Charles Wheeler in a Sept. 5 News & Record book review of professor Craig Nova's new novel, “The Informer.“

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