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Quad comments

I read with great interest the news in the fall edition of UNCG Magazine of the renovation of the Quad and housing plans for the future.

While this excites me, underneath is a sad story of how many fine students chose NOT to attend UNCG because of the shameful state of housing. I know this to be true because I dutifully brought my daughter to the campus in 1996 wanting so much for her to attend my alma mater. …

Congratulations to the Board of Trustees for seeing the value of the architectural significance of the Quad. I'm glad to hear that the focus is on housing, but such a shame it was 13 years late for my daughter.

Deborah Graham Brown '67C

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From Dr. Mary Hummel, director of Housing and Residence Life: Since 1996, the housing system has undergone extensive renovations in 12 of the oldest residence halls on campus. The remaining older halls will be renovated in the next five to seven years. In addition, one new residence hall has been built and we will break ground on another this spring. All renovations and new construction have been accomplished using housing revenue as its basis. Since 2006, approximately $13.5 million has been spent on life safety and additional renovations in the halls.

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Recognizing Doren

Thank you so much for featuring Arnold Doren. He was my mentor. He never got the recognition he deserved when he was around. I hope that someone will honor him with a show. Now I have a reason to come back and visit the campus. I will be visiting the collection once they get it all archived. This made my day.

Kim Hutchinson '93

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From Betty Carter, University Archivist: Jackson Library will have a Doren exhibit up from mid-March to mid-September 2010 in the cases in the first floor lobby of Jackson. We have so many photos that we might switch some out throughout the summer, thus it will be one large Doren exhibit but with different “chapters.”

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Sousa revisited

The article “Bring Sousa Back” brought back memories of the Sousa concert music and the generosity of Dr. John Locke and the Wind Ensemble in 1991.

The UNCG aggregation gave a concert in the new Atlee High School auditorium here on Nov. 26 on their way to a concert at the Kennedy Center.

The admission charge helped the two-year-old Hanover Concert Band get some well-needed finances as we began to recruit amateur musicians to begin what has become a 45 member group. We are known in the Richmond, Va., area as “The Musical Ambassadors of Hanover County” and we play 19 to 24 concerts during the year.

Edward Bach played the cornet solos in 1991 and Nancy Walker was the soprano virtuoso. The concert was heard by a near capacity crowd that evening.

If Dr. Locke and the Wind Ensemble are ever traveling through our territory on a Tuesday, we would be very happy to let them swell the size of our concert band during a 7:30-9:30 rehearsal evening.

Marshall Johnson
Past president (and other offices), Hanover Concert Band
Mechanicsville, Va.

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Constructive criticism

First of all I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful magazine. It always brightens my day when a new issue of the UNCG magazine arrives in my mailbox. I have only one suggestion for an improvement, but I am sure that many of the older alumni will thank you if you can do something about it.

The print in the magazine is way too small for aging eyes. In the article in the most recent issue about the theater professors' documentaries it was especially bad, because the faded small white print was on top of a black background. I felt that I needed a magnifying glass in addition to my reading glasses. Just thought I'd pass this frustration on because I know I'm not the only aging alumna out there who eagerly awaits the new issue and then has a hard time reading it.

Jenny Raabe '82

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I was stunned to learn about Patricia Sullivan's death in the current issue of the alumni magazine. I send belated sympathy to you as someone who knew her well. Mention was made of her “bright, quick smile”… indeed, this lady's expression always seemed to say “I'm having the time of my life here!” I don't recall ever seeing a photo of her without a smile on her face. She must have been a pleasure to work with.

Cheryl Burgess Hall '72X

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I spent some time this afternoon reading the Fall 2009 UNCG Magazine. It had so much to offer, but there are several articles that I want to praise for how they touched my heart. I was once a campus guide when I worked at the Admissions Office, so I especially enjoyed that article. It made me feel proud of the work I once did with visitors to the campus all those years ago. Fred Chappell's poetry and his reading on the web site were a special treat for me too. I grew up in western North Carolina and always felt akin to Fred Chappell. I once lived in Jamison Hall on the Quad so loved seeing the pictures and learning that the halls will be restored. The Doren photographs are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing so much of the campus heart in this issue. It touched me in a way that no other issue has. This issue just seemed different. I can't say why except that it provided a bridge for me back to my own time there.

Linda Crowell Ball '71

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I just wanted to compliment you on the continued excellence of the UNCG Magazine. The layout is inviting, the articles are diverse enough to appeal to a wide audience and the content is interesting. Believe me, I get so many magazines that it takes a lot for me to read one I don't actually pay for.

Rose Foster '06 MALS

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Many sincere thanks for yet another stunning, fascinating, colorful, informative and very welcome issue. I lived in Cotton as a fresh(wo)man and was there to celebrate that building's doors opening to the first African-American students.

Nancy Doggett Rigby '57

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In response to the online magazine question: What advice do you have for UNCG's newest crop of freshmen?

Enjoy every minute of UNCG. I just graduated and already miss it!

Bethany L. Marshall '09

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Most importantly … savor every moment, even the ones you don't expect to remember.

Bethany Clark '06

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