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Amanda_Phillips image The UNCG Guarantee

UNCG is starting a scholarship and academic aid initiative, the UNCG Guarantee, which will help eligible North Carolina students graduate with little to no debt.

UNCG in 3 imageTake three

UNCG has a new initiative that will allow highly motivated students to graduate in just three years. The program, called UNCG in 3, is designed for the growing number of high school seniors who enter the university with transferable college credit.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady in the classroom photoFrom boardroom to classroom

Even as an administrator at other universities, Chancellor Linda P. Brady has always kept one toe in the classroom. This semester she is bringing her expertise to students with an upper-level undergraduate course on international negotiation.

Schweninger photoForgotten tales of slavery

The 1860 U.S. Census registered the names of slave owners and the age, gender and color of slaves. But there, as in much of the historical record, slaves are nameless. Now UNCG's new Digital Library on American Slavery provides the names of more than 83,000 individual slaves from 15 states and the District of Columbia.

Horsepower photoTaking the reins

“This is a leadership class,” Tim Clifford tells a group of students from UNCG and Beyond Academics gathered Sept. 2 for the first day of a class at a horse farm in Colfax. “Out here we're going to learn how we can lead ourselves better, and we’re going to learn ways we can lead others.”

Talking it up

“I want students to remember that students started a movement that civil rights leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., found inspirational. I want them to know that they too can inspire those who have come before them.”

Dr. Tara Green, director of the African American Studies program, after the opening of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum Feb. 1

“This is real. People have been talking about it. Faculty members told me this was the first time in 20 years students in class had been talking about going to the basketball game. What we have to do now is build on that.”

Athletics Director Kim Record, quoted in the News & Record, after UNCG's home opener against Clemson

“I've asked around the section. One guy would like Degree deodorant and Irish Spring soap and then the rest would like sourdough pretzels and mustard. They eat mustard and pretzels a lot. I guess it's a Pennsylvania thing.”

A deployed student's email request to Josh Green, student services manager. Student Affairs occasionally sends military students care packages.

“Have you ever noticed that every time there is a fire drill, everyone has the same conversation?”

From the Overheard at UNCG column in The Carolinian

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