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Megan Wollaston
Megan Wollaston

Sometimes the best therapy is peace of mind and a clutter-free home, the simple knowledge that the perfect birthday present has already been purchased, the dinner menus for the week have been planned, the bills have been paid and the coat closet is organized.

But who has the time to attend to all those details? When people in Winston-Salem don't, they give Megan Wollaston '06 a call.

Megan, 28, is the cheery personality and organizational mastermind behind Shiny Red Shoes, the personal concierge service she started in 2008.

The idea for her business had been percolating since her high school and college days when she babysat for extra spending money. Her first priority was always childcare, but she found there were other needs that busy moms had.

“They'd say, ‘While you are out, can you pick up this?’” she remembers. “I would help them with their organizing, running their errands, helping them keep their lives straight.”

She initially opted for a more traditional path out of college, landing a job with a design firm with her degree in interior architecture. But she soon found herself shackled to a computer all day working with computer software. She missed having contact with people, finding ways to make their day-to-day lives simpler.

“Organizing to me is a major part of design,” she explains.

Seeing an opportunity to create her dream job, she plunged in, founded Shiny Red Shoes and has never looked back.

Her business has steadily grown, largely through word-of-mouth recommendations. “A lot of the job is making people's lives easier,” she said. “Running their errands. Organizing their coat closets. You don't know how many people feel so much better when their rooms are organized.”

Every day is a little different, whether she's picking up a client's dry cleaning, helping to manage a household or paying bills. The potential for the evolution of her business is boundless, she believes.

But one thing won't change: Her trademark shiny red shoes, the namesake of her business.

She bought her first pair — patent leather, fire engine red — while in college. “They made me so happy,” she remembers. “They were the accessory that I felt made me stand out.” She still has a pair that she wears often.

It's her own little indulgence as she works to make others' lives easier.

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