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UNCG Magazine presents Karla Davis: Her Own Song

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UNCG Magazine presents Karla Davis: Her Own Song

[Karla Davis speaking] Country needsÖsomething different in it. ĎCause itís more towards this poppy-country kind of thing but still not soulful. Thereís not like that soulful element and thatís what I think makes my music different.

I donít know if thatís tuned right. Weíll see. [Sings: No matter what you say about love, I keep coming back for more, putting my hand in the fire, sooner or later, Iíll get what Iím asking for]

Iím very big about putting positive thought of what we think is going to happen out there. I had this goal when I came to Nashville that I wanted my first album to be done within the year that I got here. And in the back of my mind I was ummmm thatís probably not going to happen. Most of the stories you hear of people coming to Nashville, theyíre here for six months, they donít hit it big, you know, theyíre done. Then I know people who have been here for five years and still havenít gotten an album out.

[Sings: I was born in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in a charred oak barrel in the spring of í93, before they poured me in this bottle, I already knew]

Iím pretty sure that itíll just happen the way itís supposed to happen, unless itís any different than whatís happened so far. The way thatís itís happened is that people have heard me who really like me, really believe in me and they just want to help. [Tonight Iím for the Ö]

[John Eden, producer, 3 Chord Entertainment speaking] The more time we spend together in this work, in this creation of the album, the more I see, you know, this incredible inner beauty.

[Karla sings: Standing tall and strong and mighty, wishing that these words could heal an ounce of hurt, but oh no]

[Karla speaking] Being in the studio, Iíve gotten so much better and that wouldnít have happened Ö if I wasnít in the studio, thereís no way I would have learned different techniques, the way that I wouldíve developed even more. Itís good to be able to do that and not have somebody own everything that you do. Iíd much rather write songs and sing songs that mean something.

[Sings: Carolina, I want to write a letter to you.]

I think music is one of the most powerful things Ö if people would really harness the power of it, ahhhÖ it could just make such a difference.

[No, no, no, I ainít leaving you behind. ĎCause you know I come just running back to you every time. And Carolina, I hope youíre doing all right. Tell mom and daddy please their little girl will be just fine. Iím gonna come back and make up for my lost time, but until then itís another night of Carolina on my mind.]

Photography and video by Chris English
Audio and production by Michelle Johnson and Chris English

Music by Karla Davis, UNCG Class of 2008




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