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On the last page of the (fall) UNCG Magazine is a picture of an advanced design course that made a complete living room out of cardboard. That was the first design class I taught in the art department. We went on in following years to build musical instruments, flying machines, cars and, maybe the most memorable, boats. My dream was to create the “Cardboard Institute” as a place where multi-disciplines come together to design and discuss the uses of a common throw away material, CARDBOARD. As a teacher I learned that sometimes the insignificant becomes the most significant, good and bad.

Jim Gallucci

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Thank you for the wonderful article on Curry School in the current issue of UNCG Magazine.

I graduated from Curry High School, Class of 1957. I attended Curry for four years, 1953-57, and lived across from the WCUNC campus. My two sisters, Stephanie and Elaine, also attended Curry Elementary School. My father, Col. (US Army) William B. Lee, was senior advisor to the N.C. National Guard, stationed in Greensboro from 1953-58.

I was president of the Curry H.S. Student Council 1956-57. I have been retired, living in Southern California, near Palm Springs, since 2004.

Presently, I serve as chair of the Curry High School Class of 1957 and have hosted an annual meeting of Curry H.S. alumni from all over the world here in California for the past several years.

William B. “Pete” Lee, PhD

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