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Fine dining small story image Fine dining

The Dining Hall you knew as a student will look quite different starting next fall.

Dr. Jim Weeks imageBryan School dean stepping down

After two decades as dean of the Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics, Dr. Jim Weeks will step down at the end of this academic year.

Dr. Karen K. Wixson imageNew face

The School of Education has a new dean — Dr. Karen K. Wixson.

small story imageLaundry, service

The immigrants living in Greensboro's Avalon Trace community had no good access to laundry facilities. The apartment manager asked for assistance. UNCG's Center for New North Carolinians volunteers and community center director Stephanie Baldwin '07 MSW saw an opportunity.

Hatching a plot small story imageHatching a plot

Just call it another way to go green. Last fall, UNCG kicked off a campus garden. And help has poured in from every corner.

Under review

Every academic program at UNCG is under review.

Restructuring recommendation

A new School of Health and Human Sciences has been approved by UNCG's Board of Trustees.

Closing the graduation gap

UNCG is on the short list of American universities that have closed the gap between graduation rates for African-American and white students, according to a report from The Education Trust.

Chancellor Brady imageTouting technology

We know that UNCG's iSchool program is a great example of using technology for education. Now everyone else will know it too.

Talking it up

“Though cannibalism played less of a prominent role in the arguments than last year, the audience was dazzled with references to Shostakovich, lousy political debates, the disastrous physical injuries that can result from ‘poor planning,’ atom bombs and a bit of real-time ragtime.”

Dr. Stacey Peebles, assistant director of the Lloyd International Honors College, on the 2010 Raft Debate, in which professors representing three area of academia — arts and humanities, social sciences and natural sciences — argue their case for securing the single spot on a life raft

“The most valuable thing I learned is that you can never be too early for anything, especially parking.”

Kathy Vannachith '10, in response to commencement speaker Dr. Lew Brown's question “What's the most valuable thing you learned at UNCG?”

“Trevis Simpson? Where did they get this guy?”

Longtime radio announcer John Kilgo, as freshman Simpson scored 33 to lead UNCG to its first home win of the season

“If you want to know the meaning of life, come read poetry with me.”

English professor Dr. Walter Beale, in a discussion with Lloyd International Honors College students

Life 101

How to beat box

It's one thing to be a proficient singer, able to make your voice soar in seamless harmony with others. It's something else to train your voice to sound like another instrument — a jazzy trumpet or a booming bass drum. But you can learn, says Matt Hanson '09.

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Rude awakening? How to get a good night's sleep

Mona Shattell, a professor of nursing who specializes in psychiatric and mental health, has written about her own struggles with sleep and waking. She offers the following tips for the multitude of people out there who need better sleep and a more pleasant awakening.

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