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A valentine for The Corner


I made many a trip to The Corner as a student at UNCG. Not having a car, it was my source for posters, postcards and all kinds of little goodies to send home to friends.

Cheryl Lucas '96


Whenever liver was served in the dining hall, I could smell it as I walked from the dorm. I would keep walking to The Corner. Hot fudge cake beat liver every time!

Dot Sizemore Walker '61


I was an art student at UNCG in the '90s and was in the Foundry welding and grinding late almost every night. The Corner was the place I took a break to get a grilled cheese sandwich and an extra-large fountain Diet Coke to keep me going! As soon as I walked in Grant knew my order!

Pat Levitin '99


I remember going to The Corner to celebrate after an exam or accomplishing something critical — my way of celebrating was to order a waffle and coffee. Those were the best waffles I ever ate then, and even since!

Barbara Lucier '62


We weren't allowed to wear pants, PERIOD! Everybody wore them, of course, with long raincoats over them. I bought more cards than anything else at The Corner, I think. I still wait 'til the last minute to get “just the right” card, and I always have. The Corner always came through for me.

Sue Williams Keith '62


I remember the store as a place where I had purchased a nice silver bracelet for my mother for a special event, probably Mother's Day 1957 or 1958. She was thrilled with the gift and wore it with great pride.

Mary Catharine Edmonds Eberhart '60


I remember sitting at the counter eating, looking through the funny cards they had — but the funniest thing I remember is after I graduated from WC, years later, I was playing tennis at Starmount Country Club with Kathryn Snavely, Grant's mom. I kept saying things like “Ms. Snavely, it's your serve,” etc. Finally she said, “Sarah, you are out of school — you can call me Kathryn.” What a wonderful family they were — and always so nice to the girls from WC.

Sarah Fisher Pearlman '60


Freshman year, every MW and F I had an 8 o'clock German class at Aycock Auditorium (and it didn't get any better because all the German classes were stuck in the bowels of Aycock and I took German for three years!). I'd roll up my pajama legs and put on the old raincoat and heidy-ho all the way across campus to Aycock. It was only freshman year that the 8 o'clock classes took place, so that year I'd go to The Corner and get a cherry Coke at 9 o'clock — doesn't that make you want to throw up? — and run back in order to get ready for my 10 o'clock which was God knows where! They did have some good records — remember Julie London?

Joan Wilder Greason '61


The Corner was that special place off campus, almost, where we could go and get a cup of coffee, relax and sit up at the counter and be in the real world for a while. The one food I remember so fondly is the pound cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce running over it all. Many times we would have to split it as it was more affordable that way. Yes it's sad to hear it's closed its doors, but the memories will never be closed.

Janet Schnable Seaburg '60

See a one-minute video clip from the final day of The Corner.



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