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December 2011

A perfect holiday memory

During the last week of classes as we prepared for final exams, we would hear the drone of Christmas music in the distance. Everyone rushed to the windows of rooms situated on the front side of the building, and opened them no matter what the weather. Students, maybe six or seven of them as best I can remember, playing brass instruments … french horn, trumpet, trombone… wandered from building to building where they played Christmas songs. Everything was still and no one spoke. We just listened. The music, so crisp in the cold winter air and clear as a bell once the windows were open was like a warm blanket on a cold night. The pressure of exams and studying disappeared for a moment; replaced by what lingers in my mind as a perfect memory. It is sweet and simple, quiet and pure.

Photo of decorated tree in the Virginia Dare room.

I always wondered what it was like for those musicians whose efforts brought us so much joy. Looking up into the windows where the faces of students crowded to see. I have learned through the years that being the “giver” of a gift often leaves me so filled with happiness that I can't imagine the recipient being more blessed than I. I hope it was so for those generous souls who shared their gifts with us those nights in December in Greensboro, North Carolina. Sometimes I wish I could blink and return to those simpler times in my life. Instead, I close my eyes and return there for a moment in my mind. It always makes me smile.

Lynn Davies Pittman '79

Lynn wrote this in response to a UNCG Magazine question seeking memories of the Quad. Do you have a holiday memory you would like to share? We'd love to hear from you. Email









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