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April 2012

Something to talk about

It's just you, a camera and a simple message — UNCG is a place where people Do something bigger altogether.

dsba poster image - You never thought you would do that but we did

The UNCG YouTube channel already has a series of videos from students, faculty and staff who talk about what UNCG has meant to them. Here's a sample of what they're saying:

Two and a half years ago I was a patient here at Duke Hospital and because of UNCG I am now able to give back and take care of others as a nurse. - Matthew Williamson

It's been a great, great environment for me to blossom and use my craft the way I want to. - Katy Biser

I came here for one purpose and then found my real purpose. - Kristen Morgan

I love being downtown. It brings the university and the community that much closer together. - Dr. Bob Wineburg, professor of social work

What I love about UNCG is the opportunities it opens up and the people that you meet. I never knew we would become such close friends…. We end up becoming like a family - Joonhyuk Yim

I just enjoy coming to work. I meet a lot of new people. I get a lot of energy from the young people that are here and I love being around that energy. - Paul Daniel

Each person who has been in contact with UNCG has their own story. A story about how a professor changed them. A story about the friendships formed on campus that last to this day. A story about how UNCG prepared them to go on to do things beyond their wildest imagination.

Share your story. We'd love to hear about it. Pick up your phone or a video camera and make a short video. It doesn't have to be more than a few seconds. Just tell everyone how UNCG was meaningful to you or how the people here challenged you to Do something bigger altogether.

Visit for inspiration and directions on how to upload your video.





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