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August 2012

Make yourself memorable

Studies show that our ability to converse with others has more bearing on our career success than our GPA.

So how do you keep a fresh response to questions like ‘What's new? What's up? How are you?’

You could say “I'm fine,” or “Hangin' in there,” or “Can't complain,” or “Not much going on, how about you?” But you won't really connect with the other person. In fact, you will probably both feel awkward. The conversation may fizzle, and it could have been one of the most engaging and enjoyable you'd ever have!

You don't have to be a social butterfly all the time, but …

Here are a few coaching tips to brighten up your conversations:

And if you have introverted preferences, you'll feel more confident with a plan to help you jump start an exchange. Connecting with others through small talk can lead to big things!

Kathleen Martinek, former UNCG Alumni Career Counselor, has more than 15 years experience in career development and corporate management. She can be reached at







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