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May 2013

Join the TEAM: Undergraduate Studies seeks volunteers

The UNCG family is made up of tens of thousands of alumni and university partners with impressive professional backgrounds and a strong desire to give back to UNCG and the wider community. If you're reading this, you probably fit that description. If so, it might be time to TEAM up.

TEAM Up with US is an initiative that provides a chance for UNCG alumni, community friends, and current and retired faculty and staff an opportunity to Teach, Educate, Advise and Mentor (TEAM) current UNCG undergraduates. The program is a project of Undergraduate Studies, which is known as US for short, hence the program's acronym-driven double-meaning.

TEAM Up With US was developed by Steve Roberson, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, in an effort to enhance the extent to which the entire UNCG network is being engaged in shaping the lives and careers of current students. The program is meant to create a “village” of supportive guides and role models that can help shepherd students through the trials of college life and guide them to meaningful careers.

TEAM Up With US has already made a significant impact on the students and volunteers who have taken part, and as the program continues to grow, US is on the lookout for new volunteers. Volunteer opportunities come in many forms, including leading academic workshops, engaging in one-on-one coaching for transfer students and adult learners, tutoring students who are at high risk of academic suspension, judging undergraduate research panels and simply being a guiding voice as undergraduates evaluate potential career paths and graduate-study options.

Learn more about ways you can help by visiting the TEAM Up With US volunteer opportunities page. You can also contact Kristen Christman, program coordinator and director for Undergraduate Student Excellence at, or at (336)256-0340.

All volunteers are subject to a background check, and the program does provide its volunteers with training.






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