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Spring 2010

Dean's column

It is hardly believable that the end of the academic year is almost upon us. Once again, we can look back over a year of daunting obstacles and impressive accomplishments for the College. We had to tighten our belts to manage the cuts to our budget necessitated by the state's economic challenges, but Chancellor Brady made difficult and painful decisions that served to protect UNCG's academic programs. This year, faculty taught more and managed with less state support for their research and teaching. Fortunately, the generosity of our friends and alumni has provided us with resources for international travel, support for student research and other activities that make UNCG such a vibrant and exciting place.

In this eNewsletter, you can read about some of the sources of this excitement: a $2.8 million grant from NSF to take the results of UNCG's environmental research into the Guilford County Schools; a faculty research project into social activism by the women of WC and Bennett College; the participation of our students in the Model UN (made possible in part by your gifts to the College); and a computer science faculty member's research in artificial intelligence. As always, College faculty are working at the frontiers of knowledge in all disciplines and, very often, are taking students with them.

We completed 15 searches for new faculty this year and look forward to welcoming these wonderful scholars and teachers to our community in August, representing fields as diverse as sociology, anthropology, mathematics, Spanish linguistics, organic chemistry and history, among many others. Among our new faculty will be the new head of the Department of Art, Dr. Lawrence Jenkens of the University of New Orleans, succeeding Patricia Wasserboehr who will return to the faculty after 12 years in the headship.

The College Strategic Plan was completed in December and is available on the College web site. We will continue refining the plan over the coming years, re-evaluating its priorities as circumstances change and making investments in new initiatives where resources permit. We can anticipate more challenges ahead as the State of North Carolina continues to struggle through a difficult economic period. However, with your generous support, the College of Arts & Sciences at UNCG will continue to thrive, providing outstanding opportunities for students and for the dedicated faculty who teach them.

Dr. Timothy Johnston
    Dean, College of Arts & Sciences




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