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Alumni Profile: Dr. LaWanda Wallace
by Marissa McMinn

LaWanda WallaceWGS Graduate Certificate alum La Wanda Wallace recently sat down with us to tell us about her exciting studies and research. In May 2013, Wallace received her PhD in Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations with a WGS Graduate certificate. Her current focus is on "colorism" and she is interested in making the classroom a more inclusive place.

In her time at UNCG, Wallace has worked extensively with WGS staff and administration. She cited Dr. Ann Dils as an excellent educator when she mentioned a class she had taken through the department. With Wallace's experience as a dance instructor, she enjoyed Dr. Dils' artistic approach to various topics. Wallace also enjoyed working with Gwen Hunnicutt, graduate director and advisor through Spring 2013. Wallace mentioned that Dr. Hunnicutt was "supportive and helpful" throughout the advising process.

Wallace was also chosen to represent WGS at the International Women's Day program at The Historical Museum last month. She particularly enjoyed the discussion about the first female attorney in North Carolina, stating that it was "a powerful topic", especially as it relates to her interests. Wallace described the whole event as being "thought provoking" and was proud to have attended it.

Wallace's dedication to inclusiveness in education spreads from her blossoming educational career all the way to her hopes for WGS. She hopes that WGS will provide more specific courses about Black feminism in the future as well as more discussion about movements lead by Black feminists. Wallace explained that she would "love to see more diversity in classes" and would appreciate more views of feminism from a more diverse collection of voices. She says, "Hopefully one day UNCG will have a course on Black Feminist Theory!"

Dr. Wallace currently serves as a Full Time Adjunct in the Adult Education Department at North Carolina A&T State University. She tells us, "I love this position because it allows me to help facilitate the learning process of Adult Learners. Our classrooms are andragogical spaces with encourage creative thought and social change. I find it very easy to infuse my cultural studies background in the classes that I facilitate." We look forward to seeing all the things she will do with her ELC and WGS degrees!

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