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Casey and panelists at NWSAMA Alum and current Kinesiology PhD student Casey Buss, WGS Director Ann Dils, and WGS Program Administrator Isabell Moore all attended the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) conference in Oakland from November 8-11.


casey and isabell

Some Highlights:

  • Casey Buss (pictured above), moderated a panel titled "Decolonizing Health and the Fat Body," and presented as part of a roundtable titled "Expanding Landscapes of Coalition and Homeplaces: Activist and Academic Networks in the 21st Century." She serves as a co-chair of the Fat Studies interest group. (Isabell and Casey are pictured at right)
  • We got to enjoy a little bit of Oakland (the view from isabell's hotel room is pictured below)
  • Ann & Isabell attended the Program Administrators' pre-confernece retreat. They met lots of folks and got some helpful ideas about effective administration.hotel view
  • We passed out hundreds of cards about the upcoming SEWSA conference
  • We all enjoyed the learning and networking provided by the many interesting panels and events.
  • We saw heard Patricia Hill Collins' thought-provoking keynote on intersectionality and creating social change.
  • Isabell met WGS faculty and staff from Guilford College, High Point University and Appalaichan State - turns out California is a good place to network with North Carolinians :)
  • Ann and Iasbell attended panels on Southern Baptist feminists, prison abolition and feminisms, diversity initiatives within universities, feminist leadership in administering academic programs, internships, service learning and more.Nick Mitchell
  • Isabell coincidentally met a big fan of Danielle Bouchard's named Nick Mitchell (pictured at right). He is a University of California President's Postdoctoral fellow in African American Studies at UC Berkeley. When he found out that Isabell was from UNCG he told her he read and re-read Danielle's book "Communities of Disagreement" over the summer and was blown away! His research is on the history of the founding of Black Studies and Women's Studies and the ways these programs have been incorporatated and institutionalized into universities, so Danielle's book was of especial interest to him.


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