Women of Color Resources

Bamboo Girl
"To challenge racism, sexism, and homophobia as they relate to women of color, prticularly those of Filipina, Asian Pacific Islander (API) and mixed Asian heritage."

Big Bad Chinese Mama
A mock-Asian mail-order bride/porn site that humorusly deconstructs colonialist, patriarchal beliefs about Asian women.

Black Women's Health Imperative
"Black Women's Health Imperative, the new name of the National Black Women's Health Project, is a leading African American health education, research, advocacy and leadership development institution. Founded in 1983 by health activist Byllye Y. Avery, it has been a pioneer in promoting the empowerment of African American women as educated health care consumers and a strong voice for the improved health status of African American women."

Making Face, Making Soul: a Chicana Feminist homepage
"Making Face, Making Soul is a site by, for, and about Chicanas, meaning women of Mexican descent in the United States. This site contains a variety of resources ranging from short biographies of Chicanas, to Chicana poetry and literature, cultural resources, academic resources, otras chicanas on the 'net, and more."

My Sistahs
Information, literature, and art on a site by and for young women of color.

National Asian Women's Health Organization
"Through its innovative programs, NAWHO is increasing knowledge of breast and cervical cancers, training violence prevention advocates, expanding access to immunizations, changing attitudes about reproductive health care, and breaking the stigma around depression and mental health. "

National Black Herstory Task Force
"The National Black Herstory Task Force, Inc. is a non-profit educational and cultural organization founded to provide vehicles to collect, research, authenticate, document, archive and celebrate the legacy and lives of women of African descent and their alliances."

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health 
“The mission of NLIRH is to ensure the fundamental human right to reproductive health and justice for Latinas, their families and their communities through public education, community mobilization and policy advocacy.”

The Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center
"In 1985, a group of Native Americans living on or near the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota formed the Native Amercian Community Board (NACB) to address pertinent issues of health, education, land and water rights, and economic development of Native American people."

Sakhi: Woman's Friend
"Sakhi for South Asian Women is a community-based organization in the New York metropolitan area committed to ending the exploitation and violence against women of South Asian origin. Recognizing oppression based on class, immigration status, religion, and sexual orientation, we work to empower women, particularly survivors of domestic violence. Sakhi strives to create a voice and safe environment for all South Asian women through outreach, advocacy, leadership development, and organizing."

Sisters in Cinema
"Sisters in Cinema is a resource guide for and about African American women feature filmmakers."

Zuna Institute
"Zuna Instititue is a National Advocacy Organization for Black Lesbians that was created to address the needs of black lesbians in the areas of Health, Public Policy, Economic Development, and Education. "

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