Audrey Sage

Preservation Services at the University Libraries of UNCG

Preservation Services Manager

Here in the University Libraries Preservation Services at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro we work as bookbinders and conservationists. There are many injured books from the library's collection that, through the course of time and much use, have become worn out, torn, and unglued. We take special care of these books by:

Our library receives and purchases quite a number of new books each year and it is our job to decide whether these new paperback books are sturdy enough to go into the stacks as they were manufactured, or if we need to make some binding changes. For some books we build a portfolio box to house the new book and for other books we make a pamphlet binder. Others we decide actually should be a hardcover book therefore we case it in to withstand the toils and tribulations of a circulated book of the University Libraries, possibly handled by thousands...

I am the Preservation Services Manager. I make decisions resulting in the repair of thousands of books a year, and teach and supervise our student workers. It is a lively place to be. We are always happy to answer questions you may have about bookbinding or what we do in maintaining the University Libraries collections. Feel free to stop by Preservation Services, room 61, or send e-mail to .

Thus far in my life I have earned:

I spend a lot of my time, away from work, creating woodblock print images. I make my own books, art books, drawing books, and, simply, image books, but I mostly spend the time making prints to exhibit. My children and I like working in my gardens various times of the year, planting and growing as many flowers and plants as we can possibly fit into the ground.

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