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Department of History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.


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Teaching Fields:

Imperial China , Modern China , Sino-Vietnamese Relations, East Asia, Southeast Asia .


"A Special Relationship: 10th-13th Century Sino-Vietnamese Tribute Relations and the Traditional Chinese Notion of World Order."

My dissertation involved a study of tribute missions, court ceremonies, and other state rituals associated with the mechanism of Sino-Vietnamese tribute relations. I examined a network of symbols and ritual acts that supported and legitimized the Chinese claim to regional control. Local Vietnamese leaders employed these symbols to perform within the Chinese tribute system in such a way as to establish regional independence while containing Chinese territorial expansion along the frontier.

Most Recent Publication:

THE REBEL DEN OF NNG TR CAO (University of Washington Press, July 2007, $30 paperback)

The Rebel Den of Nng Tr Cao examines the rebellion of the eleventh-century Tai chieftain Nung Tri Cao (ca. 1025-1055), whose struggle for independence along Vietnam's mountainous northern frontier was a pivotal event in Sino-Vietnamese relations. Tri Cao's revolt occurred during Vietnam's earliest years of independence from China and would prove to be a vital test of the Vietnamese court's ability to confront local political challenges and maintain harmony with its powerful northern neighbor.

For more information about the book, including the table of contents, please visit: http://www.washington.edu/uwpress/search/books/ANDREB.html

List of Courses Taught (with links to Web pages):

HIS 383: China to 1800.

HIS 216 : Civilizations of Asia : 1800 to Present (Spring 2008).

HIS 216W: Civilizations of Asia: 1800 to Present (Writing Intensive).

HIS 382: Silks and Spices: A History of the Silk Road in China (Spring 2006)

HIS 384: Modern Transformation of China .

HIS 215: Civilizations of Asia (Fall 2007).

HIS 511C: Seminar in Historical Research and Writing: Popular Protest in Chinese History (Fall 2007).

HIS 588: East Asian History: Selected Topics - Silks and Spices: Exchanges Of Goods And Ideas Along China 's Frontier (Fall 2007).

HIS 588: East Asian History: Selected Topics – The Wars of Viet Nam (Spring 2008).

HIS 588: East Asian History: Selected Topics: The "Radio State": Readings on Trade and Political Expression in Southeast Asian History.

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