Stepney Underwood; from the Library of Congress Collection
Remembering Slavery: 
Those Who Survived Tell Their Stories
And one more thing I want you to promise me:  
that you's gonna tell all the children my story.
--Papa Dallas Stewart

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    In the late 30's and early 40's, federal and private agencies sent interviewers across the South in an effort to document music and culture.  Among those interviewed were African-Americans like Laura Smalley  who had been born into slavery and had lived through the Civil War.   

    These pages have been coordinated with "Remembering Slavery"; this two-part radio documentary is an extraordinary saga of ordinary people.  They sat on porch swings and porch steps, sharing with strangers painful childhood memories of slavery before freedom came.  As the voices of Fountain Hughes, Laura Smalley, Harriet Smith and others speak to Americans today, the reality of slavery and its legacy comes alive.    

    Many of the interviews were documented on paper.  Some of the interviewers were able to record the ex-slaves' voices.  In this program, you will hear parts of these original recordings and dramatic readings of some of the written transcripts by actors Debbie Allen, Melba Moore, Louis Gossett Jr.,  Esther Rolle, James Earl Jones, Clifton Davis, and others.  

    And now, former slaves tell you in their own words of their lives in bondage.  And of what it was like to be a slave no more.  

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