Stepney Underwood; from the Library of Congress Collection
Remembering Slavery: 
Those Who Survived Tell Their Stories
And one more thing I want you to promise me:  
that you's gonna tell all the children my story.
--Papa Dallas Stewart

Their Voices: 
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Born in 1853
Interview Place: Gee's Bend, AL
Interview Date: 1941
Interviewer: Robert Sonkin 
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    I can remember when the Yankees come through and, uh, they carried my father away and carried away, my si--, two sisters and one brother. And, uh, they lef' me. And I can remember when my missus use' to run in the garden, from the Yankees and tell us if they come, don' tell them where they at. Tol', don' tell nobody where they at when they come. They all come and they tol' me, don' get scared now and tell them, where they is, where they is. I tol' them no, we tol' them no. And uh, when they come and ask for them I tol' them I didn' know there they was, and they was in the woods. And this was at the house. 
Gaston, Alice (AL)   |   Hughes, Fountain (MD)   |   McCrea, Billy (TX)  | McDonald, Joe (AL)   Moseley, Isom (AL) | Smalley, Laura (TX), beating    | Smalley, Laura(TX), child care     Smith, Harriet (TX)  |  
Faulk, John Henry (interviewer)   |  Epilogue  
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