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GER 589, Fall Semester 1999

Course Information and Registration Desk

Instate Tuition (North Carolina) $120. Out-of-State Tuition $450

German Civilization
Internet Research and Teaching Projects
An Advanced German Web Course

Deutsche Kulturkunde
Geschichte, Gesellschaft, Literatur, Kunst

Forschungs- und Unterrichtsprojekte im Internet


This experimental course is intended for advanced undergraduate German majors at UNCG, graduate students, as well as German High School teachers and online students with advanced German skills. Individual research and teaching projects dealing with German cultural, social, and historical issues, modern media studies, and social and cross-cultural affairs will occupy the center of the course. The course will be presented in German, whereas course projects can be conducted in German and/or English.

Course participants design the academic frameworks of their Internet research and teaching projects, engage in interdisciplinary and online inquiries, and present their findings in web-based formats. Exams and finals involve research or teaching reports, digital presentations, and online publications.

Ger 589 Course at a Glance

Germanic Tribes
Middle Ages
Luther's Reformation
Baroque Culture
Age of Goethe
Bismarck's Germany
Science and Modernity
Weimar Culture
Nazi Holocaust
Cold War Divisions
German Unification
Multimedia Culture

Caspar David Friedrich. Segelschiff


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1. Germanen

2. Karl der Große

3. Das Nibelungenlied

4. Das Mittelalter

5. Dürer und Luther

6. Religionskriege

7. Aufklärung

8. J. W. von Goethe

9. Mozart, Beethoven

10. Grimms Märchen

11. Frauen im Vormärz

12. Zeitalter Bismarcks

13. Wissenschaften

14. Expressionismus

15. Weimarer Kultur

16. Nazi Holocaust

17. Teilung BRD, DDR

18. Atomzeitalter

19. Handke und Wolf

20. Massenmedien

21. Wende zur Einheit

22. Multikulturelles

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