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Andreas Lixl-Purcell

Foreign Language Studies Workshops:
Teaching with the Internet

  • AATG Internet Seminar. Culture on the Net. USAFA 1996

  • Teaching with the Web: Trails and Tools for German Studies
    Goethe Institut Workshop at the University of Texas at San Antonio

    Deutsche Internet Chronik. Gegenwartskultur

    10 World Wide Web units with digital laboratory exercises for elementary to advanced German Studies. The assembled links and materials provide individual students or small groups with focused access to the German language web by identifying appropriate and authentic resources.The study materials are grouped around ten interdisciplinary topics which highlight important social, cultural, and political aspects of contemporary German civilization. The Internet exercises are ideally suited for electronic laboratory sessions lasting 50 minutes or less.

    Foreign Language Education with Technology. MLA Project

    Illuminating the possibilities for enhancing foreign language pedagogies through multimedia technologies, the paper suggests an ideal scenario for the use of electronic laboratories. As envisioned, such language centers will play a central role in enhancing the teaching, research, and service programs of foreign language departments. This applies in particular to providing user friendly and student centered learning resources, including audio tapes, videos, satellite television, networked software, Internet, electronic entertainment, and portable classroom tools. Functioning as a digital resource, reference, and research center for teachers and students, and student teachers in particular, the laboratories can streamline advising, assessing, proficiency testing, technology training, electronic bulletin boards, and more. The suggested exemplary action agenda involves the new centers like pedagogical hubs with digital spokes supporting all departmental programs from language to literature, and from culture to comparative studies.

    AATG Presentation. German Studies on the Internet

    A brief, interactive overview of German Studies resources on the World Wide Web with practical guidelines and ideas on enhancing foreign language acquisition through multimedia. The various teaching resources, methods, and activities involving the World Wide Web are outlined according to their usefulness in the classroom and the language laboratory.

    AATG Workshop. Laboratory Page. German Studies on the Internet
    Selected German Internet Links. Internet Search Engines. Germanistik and German Web Sampler. The Web as a Teaching and Research Tool. Possible Web Projects. Downloading Information.

    Internet Presentation: Foreign Language Acquisition and Technology
    This network presentation focuses on Foreign Language Acquisition and Technology. It outlines various aspects of integrating new technologies into current teching methodologies, and elaborates on selected techniques to present the digital media in the classroom. The presented examples involve computer links to home pages on the web, title pages of foreign language e-mail groups, listserv addresses, and instructors' resources. The presentation ends with an Internet Hand Out of a sample exercise involving German Studies activities on the network.

    Internet Workshop I: Internet Tools for Language Teachers
    This language oriented workshop focuses on the use of the World Wide Web in the foreign language classroom, on e-mail and listserv addresses and activities, and on Internet study and teaching tools, including MOOs. sites.

    Internet Workshop II: German Studies with Multimedia Tools
    This Internet workshop describes a selection of useful German CD-ROM and software applications, and presents world wide web exercises for German undergraduate classes on all levels. The student assignments are designed to generate written and oral discussions based on e-mail exchanges and listserv activities. The workshop provdes links to German Studies resources on the net, samples of interactive reading exercises, and a guide for scripting simple html documents.

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