University of Texas at San Antonio Goethe-Institut

Christopher J. Wickham, Division of Foreign Languages, UTSA
Chris Meuer, Goethe-Institut Houston

World Wide Web Workshop

at the

University of Texas at San Antonio

Andreas Lixl-Purcell

Teaching with the Web:

Trails and Tools for German Studies

Workshop Segments

  1. Digital Classroom Activities

  2. German Studies Trails on the Internet

  3. Deutsche Internet Chronik: Web Units and Exercises

  4. Introduction to the Deutsche Internet Chronik

  5. List of Web Exercises
    1. Web Exercise: Elementary Level
    2. Web Exercise: Intermediate Level
    3. Web Exercise: Advanced Intermediate Level
    4. Web Exercise: Advanced Level

  6. MOO Teacher's Tip Sheet

  7. Departmental Home Page: U of N Carolina at Greensboro

  8. Language Laboratory Home Page: Johns Hopkins University

Spring 1996

The German Internet Project German Studies Trails

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