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Slavic Studies Trails on the Internet

Welcome to the Slavic Studies Trails at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The list below contains links to Slavic language, literature and culture resources, popular magazines, libraries, university archives, and other points of interest.

These study trails are made available by UNCG's Department of German and Russian, and are designed for all who like to explore the Internet to practice their foreign language skills or engage in research projects. You can visit these learning sites by simply selecting the highlighted/underlined titles! For your convenience, a link to a special search engine for Slavic Area Studies is available below.

Have fun cyber-surfing the Slavic world!

Should you encounter unexpected problems using these links, or have suggestions concerning interesting additions and revisions, please write to Dr. Andreas Lixl. E-mail address: lixlpurc@uncg.edu

Slavic Studies Trails

    Polish Trails

  1. One of the best Polish web servers, with search engine. Arts, entertainment,
    business, economy, media, including daily news.
  2. Polish Home Page
    excellent gateway: everything: government, politics, information,
    political parties, geography, tourism, general information, travel,
    Polish airlines, Polish Network Resources, Usenet News in Poland,
    ecology, economy, science, newspapers, music, radio and TV etc.
  3. Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych
    Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    Department of Promotion and Information.
  4. Polish Info Center Pol-Net, in Polish. Links to selected Polish pages on the Web, list of polish servers, links to Polish clubs and associations in Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany etc.
  5. Polish Universities
  6. "Zycie Warszawy"
    one of the largest daily Warsaw papers, in Polish.
  7. Polish online newspaper Donosy, free
  8. Directory of Polish links on WWW
  9. Gazeta Wyborcza [Poland's largest daily newspaper]
  10. "Dyrdymalki"
    private online satirical newspaper, in Polish..
  11. "Wirtualna Galeria Mleczki"
    virtual gallery of Mleczko, Polish leading political cartoonist.
    insider satires on Poland's political and cultural situation.
  12. Polish Graffiti
    Good sources for learning Polish idioms and idiomatic expressions.
  13. Ksiega Wariactwa i Qrewstwa Umyslowego.
    Private Polish Newspaper and Mailing List. Miroslaw Wiechowski
  14. Polish discussion lists and groups in English. Listing of Polish mailing lists (topics, how to subscribe), various subjects, from universities through government to private groups. Addresses of archives, links to Polish newsgroups.

    Russian Trails

  15. Russian Link of the Day. Points of Interest
  16. "The St Petersburg Times"
    Russian paper in English, from St. Petersburg
  17. REESWeb. Russian and East European Studies Internet Resources
  18. Russian History, and Russian Studies on the Internet. U of Oregon
  19. Russica-Izvestia Information Agency.
    Russia's largest national newspaper company. Excellent web site.
    Subscription is required for selected links.
  20. Window to Russia. Relcom Home Page, Moscow
  21. Commonwealth of Independent States maps [former Soviet Republics]
  22. Basic Russian
  23. Russia - Newly Independent States [NIS] Home Page
  24. Soviet Archives: Entrance Room
  25. Treasures of the Czars
  26. WWW Servers in Russia
  27. Moscow Libertarium Intro Page
  28. Russian Web. Univ. of Pittsburgh Russian and East European Studies
  29. Russian Server. Gopher Menu, UNC-Chapel Hill
  30. Information concerning cyrillizing your screen [for the www]
  31. International Movie Database [Russian and Czech films, etc.]
  32. Moscow Kremlin [on-line excursion with pictures]
  33. Russian & East European Studies [language, culture, literature]
  34. Russian Daily News [useful news summaries]
  35. Russian Economy Resource Center [stocks, exchange rates, etc.]
  36. Russian Fonts [Cyrillic Fonts Home Page, downloading sites]
  37. Russian foreign affairs articles [gopher server for downloading texts]
  38. Russian Humor
  39. Russian Language Resource Page [study tools, dictionaries]
  40. Russian Literature [fiction, poetry]
  41. Russian literature files and Russian software [all levels]
  42. Russian Myths [Diabol, Domovoi, Dragon, Elfs, Gnomes]
  43. Russian Studies on the Internet [excellent allround resources]
  44. Russian Text Corpora [various literary and non-literary texts]
  45. Russian Travel and Culture [tourist info, popular culture]
  46. Soviet Archives Exhibit [Library of Congress]
  47. Soviet Archives [gopher links to texts]
  48. Russian Studies Gopher [arts, culture, science, business, miscellania]

    Ukrainian Trails

  49. Ukraine Home Page [Ukrainian maps, facts, history, culture]

    Points of Interest

  50. The Slavic World. Analyses, Policy Papers, by Countries. University of Strathclyde, UK.
  51. Music Resources on the Internet [excellent music trails]
  52. Euronet Internet [European links to music, recreation, travel, etc.]

Internet Tools and Web Guides

  1. Creating Your Own Web Pages [Home Page construction guide]
  2. Icons and Images for Use in HTML Documents
  3. Looking for Icons? Icon Browser
  4. Finding Information on the Internet [Netscape Search Engine]
  5. Lycos Search Engine

  6. The WWW Virtual Library. Subject Catalog

  7. Yahoo Subject Index

  8. Multimedia Language Center. U of North Carolina at Greensboro
  9. Internet Image Archives

UNCG's German & Russian Department
Andreas Lixl-Purcell. Special thanks to Ilona Chodnicka for her collection of Polish weblinks. January 1999.