Argumentation for Consumers of Healthcare (ACH)
AAAI 2006 Spring Symposium Series


Different notions of argument historically have played a central role in artificial intelligence, e.g., proof trees, sets of assumptions, and explanations of probabilistic inference. These notions have been used to model the diagnostic reasoning and decision-making of medical experts. However, it was beyond the scope of that research to address information needs of the layperson. It was assumed that a medical expert, trained to interpret explanations produced by the system, would mediate between system and layperson. The goal of this symposium is to investigate the role of argumentation in future intelligent healthcare systems, focusing on systems designed to interact directly with healthcare consumers, or with healthcare workers and caregivers with little training. Topics include AI-based approaches to:
•    Persuasive argumentation to change health-related behavior,
•    Patient-tailored explanation,
•    Lay-oriented explanation of conflicting views in the medical literature,
•    Argumentation addressing the needs of low-literacy or low-numeracy audiences,
•    Synthetic agents working in cooperation with the healthcare team,
•    Negotiation with patients about treatment regimens,
•    Providing information to laypersons for informed consent, and
•    Healthcare training.

Participation is invited from AI researchers in diagnostic reasoning and medical applications; computational models of argumentation; user modeling, trust, and affective computing; intelligent tutoring systems and games on health-related topics; natural language generation and multimodal dialogue systems. In addition, participation is invited from researchers in fields providing empirical or theoretical foundations including medicine, risk communication, health literacy, behavioral medicine and public health, discourse of medicine, argumentation, and medical ethics.

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Papers or extended abstracts on current research as well as position papers are welcome. E-mail 2–6 page submissions in PDF format to the co-chairs (bickmore at, nlgreen at no later than October 7, 2005. Organizing Committee
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