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Cognition, Learning and Memory
(CLAM) Lab

Core Lab Members
Peter F. Delaney, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology Department

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About Dr. Delaney (Personally)


Yoojin Chang, M.A.
OPT / Lab Manager & Instructor

(This shows Yoojin getting ready for one of our lab's infamous "walk-talks" in which we wander around campus aimlessly while discussing science.  Yoojin's work is on the testing effect and persuasion, and cuts across social and cognitive psychology.)

Graduates of the Lab

Graduates of the Lab:  Where are they now?

   Namrata Godbole [M.A., 2012] - is raising her son and contemplating doctoral programs
   Keith Alfano [Ph.D., 2007] - is a User Experience Researcher for Microsoft, Inc.
   Martin E. Knowles [M.A., 2004; Ph.D., 2008] - works for Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
   Andrew LeRoux [M.A., 2011] - full-time at Managed Data Group, Inc.
   Khanh Nghiem [M.A., 2006] - continued on to a Ph.D. in counseling at the University of Florida
   Arie Spirgel [Ph.D., 2011] - works at Florida International University as a grant writing specialist

Undergraduate Student Members

Fall 2013
Teianna Huntley, Dominique Jenkins, Eric Kaplan, Josette Mangala, Gabe McNair, Alyssa Mielock, Kevin Nanney, Ellie Perkins, 
Candynce Sills

Spring 2012
Alexandra Barefoot, Beatrice Campbell, Danielle Campoli,
Courtney Canter, Melissa Carmona, Sara Howe, Taylor Kane,
Tiffany Lam, Markeela Lipscomb, Hope Loman, Alyssa Mielock,
Ellie Perkins, Shaquanta Shelley, Wyatt Smith and
Lovepriya Suthaharan

Fall 2011
Brittany Briceno, Beatrice Campbell, Danielle Campoli,
Melissa Carmona, Ann Marie Elmayan, Billy Kane, Tiffany Lam,
Quan Nguyen, Gepernard "Tania" Polidor, and Wyatt Smith

Spring 2011
Brittany Briceno, Beatrice Campbell, Ann Marie Elmayan, Tiffany Lam, La'Quanda McGeachy, Gepernard "Tania" Polidor and Wyatt Smith

Fall 2010
Carmelina Almanzar, Jessica Anderson, Brittany Briceno,
Beatrice Campbell, Courtney Canter, Ann Marie Elmayan,
Jenna Haddock, Sarah Harner, Brittany Horton,
Tiffany Lam and Wyatt Smith

Spring 2010
Vanessa Alvarado, Brittany Briceno, Josh Butler, Courtney Canter, Jenna Haddock, Hannah Hendricks, Joanne Lamb, Ashleigh Moore, Latasha Holden, Jacob Negley, Roxy Toledo and Luz Toribio

Fall 2009
Vanessa Alvarado, Josh Butler, Courtney Canter, Jenna Haddock, Hannah Hendricks, Joanne Lamb, Torcia Lee, Ashleigh Moore, Latasha Holden, Jacob Negley, Anna Parisi, Ashkan Tajeddini, Roxy Toledo and Luz Toribio

Spring 2009
"Downtown" Haley Brown, Courtney Canter, Jenna Haddock, Kenny Hicks, Latasha Holden, Lauren Kish, Ed Lancaster, Stephanie Larson, Jacob Negley and Anna Parisi

Fall 2008
Michelle Brown, Courtney Canter, Heather Coby,
Jenna Haddock, Latasha Holden, Jennifer Hynes, Joanne Lamb, Elizabeth Lancaster, Torcia Lee, Zach Morrison, Jake Negley,
Frankie Powell, Shefi Vasquez

Top Row:  Haddock, Brown, Coby, Canter & Morrison
Middle Row:  Holden, Lee, Vasquez & Lancaster
Bottom Row:  Lamb, Negley & Powell

Spring 2008
Tiffany Alexander, Courtney Canter, Heather Coby, Jared Cook,
Joshua Edwards, Sky Fillipini, Krycya Flores-Rojas,  Brittany Fulbright,
Jenna Haddock, Jennifer Hynes, Elizabeth Lancaster, Zach Morrison,
Frankie Powell, Roxy Toledo, Vincent Woolfolk

Top Row:  Canter, Coby, Cook, Woolfolk & Morrison
Middle Row:  Fulbright, Haddock, Powell, Fillipini & Toledo
Bottom Row:  Flores Rojas, Lancaster, Alexander & Edwards

Fall 2007
Tiffany Alexander, Liliana Camara, Heather Coby, Jared Cook, Krycya Flores-Rojas, Britany Hopkins, Jennifer Hynes,  Elizabeth Lancaster, Zach Morrison, Frankie Powell, Virginia Wilmoth, Vincent Woolfolk

Spring 2007
Jennifer Brown, Liliana Camara, Heather Coby, Jared Cook,
Krycya Flores-Rojas, Jennifer Hynes, Ashley Jarrell,
Elizabeth Lancaster, Catherine Sawyer, Crystal Softa,
Virginia Wilmoth, Vincent Woolfolk

Fall 2006
Jennifer Brown, Heather Coby, Jared Cook, Krycya Flores-Rojas,
Jennifer Hynes, Elizabeth Lancaster, Dinah Otieno, Catherine Sawyer,
Virginia Wilmoth

Spring 2006
Evan Holst, Krycya Flores-Rojas, Jennifer Hynes, Elizabeth Lancaster,
Catherine Sawyer, Andrew Simpson, Brett Sites, Virginia Wilmoth

Dalia Avidor, Brian Cline, Carolina Collado, Danae Dunkley,
Alex Hepner, Kathryne Hughes, Goldie Kaufenberg, Michael Kung, Melissa Lehman, Jaye Murray, Karissa Plusko, Ashley Ramon, and Michael Schuster

Labbies 2003 to 2004
Top Row:  Hepner, Murray, Kaufenberg, Schuster
Middle Row:  Kung, Hughes, Cline, Dunkley
Bottom Row:  Lehman, Avidor


Chris Cardani, Carolina Collado, Melissa de la Rosa, Dania Hadjez, Michael Kung, Kevin McDonald, Jaye Murray, Paul Niesen,
Nathan Patterson, Karissa Plusko, Mikal Rasheed, and Patricia Villafaņa

Undergraduate Lab Assistants:  Where did they go next?
A list of lab members who went on to bigger and better things (and let us know about it!)

   John-Paul Aziz became a medical student at Nova Southeastern.
   Beatrice Campbell is in a pre-law MA program in Baltimore.
   Jared Cook went off to get an MA in clinical psychology at Appalachian State.

   Danae Dunkley attended the UF Warrington College of Business pursuing a master's degree.  She is now a lawyer.

   Dania Hadjez became a graduate student in counseling at the University of Akron, and chaired APAGS' minority affairs committee.
   Kenny Hicks is a cognitive PhD student working with Randy Engle at Georgia Tech.
    Latasha Holden completed her MA in cognitive psychology at Towson University, working with Kerri Goodwin, and is completing her PhD at Princeton with Andy Conway.
   Tiffany Lam is working on her MA in social psychology at Towson University.
   Elizabeth Lancaster went to East Carolina to get an MA in rehab therapy.
  Stephanie Larson is getting her MA in social work at UNCG. 
   Melissa Lehman obtained a PhD in cognitive psychology working with Kenneth J. Malmberg at the University of South Florida.  She's now a post-doc at Purdue.
   Isabel Manzano obtained her PhD in cognitive psychology with Steve Smith at Texas A&M.
   Kevin McDonald went to graduate school in art and earned an MFA.
   Sejal Mehta went to UNCG for her PhD in counseling.
   Jaye Murray attended the New York School of Fashion and Design, and completed an I/O psychology MA program at Middle Tennessee State University.
   Jacob Negley is pursuing an PhD in cognitive psychology at Florida State University, working with Colleen Kelley.
   Frances "Frankie" Powell obtained her MA in social work from UNCG.
   Mikal Rasheed became a PhD student in clinical psychology at the University of Miami.

   Chad Rogers obtained his PhD in cognitive psychology working with Larry Jacoby and Mitch Sommers at Washington University in St. Louis.  He is currently a post-doc at Brandeis.

Information for Current and Past RAs

Applying to graduate school?  Want to ask me for a letter of rec?  Information on those topics can be found here.

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