REGOLITH: Gr. (regos) blanket or cover and (lithos) rock or stone.


“A general term for the layer or mantle of fragmental and unconsolidated rock material, whether residual or transported and of highly varied character, that nearly everywhere forms the surface of the land and overlies or covers the bedrock. It includes rock debris of all kinds, volcanic ash, glacial drift, alluvium, loess and aeolian deposits, vegetal accumulations and soil.” – Jackson, 1997.


WELCOME to the Regolith Analysis Lab at UNCG Geography.


The lab is used for research and teaching that involve analyses of unconsolidated earth surface materials, also known as “regolith”. At UNCG, this means mostly various types of soil and sediment including residuum, alluvium, colluvium, beaver-dam materials, and culturally modified or emplaced soil materials.


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