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Just released from Cornell University Press:

Massachusetts Merchants, 1670-1780

By Dr. Phyllis Whitman Hunter

Americans have always had a love-hate relationship with possessions.
Early Americans suspected luxuries as a corrupting force that would lead to an aristocracy. In Purchasing Identity in the Atlantic World, Phyllis Whitman Hunter demonstrates how elite Americans not only became infatuated with their belongings, but also avidly pursued consumption to shape their world and proclaim their success.

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Selected Comments and Reviews:
"Phyllis Hunter makes a significant contribution to the scholarly debate on early American social and cultural change. Ambitious in scope and well-grounded in the historical evidence, Purchasing Identity in the Atlantic World is an important, accessible book on a hot topic. Hunter's clarity and sound scholarship will make this book essential reading."

        -- Christopher Clark, University of Warwick

Dissertation Information:

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