Dr. Roch Smith

Roch C. Smith
Professor of French

Department of Romance Languages
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Office: McIver 304 (map)

Telephone: (336) 334-5655
Fax: (336) 334-5358

Scholarly activity and teaching should be mutually supportive. Ongoing research carried out in a spirit of intellectual curiosity makes for vital university teaching. Teachers who not only know more than they teach but are continuously learning more than they already know are inspirational to students, for such teachers have continued to be students themselves. Courses, when carefully prepared and conscientiously taught, can lead to new insights into familiar material. Inspiration can originate on either side of the desk.


Major Publications



Articles on Malraux, Bachelard, Beckett, Robbe-Grillet, and others in such journals as Symposium, The Stanford French Review, Modern Fiction Studies, The French Review, Twentieth Century Literature, The New Novel Review, and Literature/Film Quarterly.

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