Dr. Janet Boseovski
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of North Carolina Greensboro
Office:  Eberhart 274 | Phone: (336) 256-0015
email: jjboseov@uncg.edu

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Major Area: Developmental Social Cognition
My research is aimed at understanding the nature of social judgments and decision making in early to late childhood (i.e., 3- to 12-year-old children). My main interests converge on three central questions: (a) How do children decide whether other people are nice, mean, smart, and/or capable? (b) How do children harness the characteristics of other people (e.g., their knowledge status, personality traits, and cultural privilege) to learn new information about the world? (c) What are the cognitive skills and biases that impact children’s social understanding? I have secondary interests in theory of mind (mental state reasoning) development, executive functioning, and links between affect, cognition, and social reasoning in children. Click here to learn about an exciting research collaboration with the Greensboro Science Center and here to learn about experimental child psychology at UNCG.

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Together with Dr. Stuart Marcovitch, I am co-director of the DUCK Lab (Development and Understanding of Children's Knowledge). We study several aspects of social and cognitive development in early to late childhood and we offer students the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of research topics and techniques in the field of developmental science.

Currently, I am advising two graduate students and several undergraduate research assistants. I am looking for additional graduate and undergraduate students to join my research team. Please see the DUCK Lab website for additional information about working with me in either of these capacities.

Fall, 2015: 

PSY 250 -  Developmental Psychology

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