STA 352 - Statistical Inference/STA 552 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

TR 9:30-10:45
Bryan 121

Class information
Textbook: Probability and Statistical Inference, 6th edition, by Hogg & Tanis.
    STA 352
    STA 552
Schedule of Readings and Exercises
Project #1 Project #2 Project #3 Project #4 Project #5

Notes for Chapter 8 (Download Scientific Viewer)
Supplement to Section 7.7
Answers to even exercises
Statistics in Microsoft Excel
Web-based data analysis tool
Java Applets
    Check out:
        i) Basics>Characteristics of distributions, to see the t-density function in action!
        ii) Basics>Distribution of mean, for more simulations of sampling distributions.
        iii) Tests>Confidence interval for mean, to examine behavior of confidence intervals over repeated sampling.
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