STA 575 - Nonparametric Statistics

MW 2:00-3:15
  Petty 223

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Textbook: An Introduction to Modern Nonparametric Statistics by James J. Higgins.

Resampling Stats

Example 8.4.3
Example 8.4.1
Example 8.3.1 (BC)
Example 8.3.1
Examples 8.1.2,8.2.2
Table 8.1.1 Standard
Table 5.7.1
Table 5.4.2
Table 5.1.2 Measures
Table 5.1.2 Perm
Table 4.4.3
Table 4.1.3
Table 3.4.1
Table 3.3.1 Perm
Table 3.1.2
Table 2.8.2
Table 2.3.1
Table 2.1
ReStats Demo
CMH Test in SAS
SAS Manual Chapter 5, 2nd ed.
Table 4.4.3 Examples
Assn #2 examples  
WSR test versus paired t-test
More on the Mann-Whitney Confidence Interval
Online text companion site (includes SAS Manual)
Binomial Confidence Interval and Brief review of significance testing
Data sets Chapters 1-4
SAS Version 9 User's Guide
Other references
The Unicorn, The Normal Curve, and Other Improbable Creatures
Table for binomial test
UNCG Statistical Software Resource Page (Information on SAS, and S-Plus)

Recommended software

    1. Resampling Stats.
    A limited Excel add-in student version is also available free:  (Windows)  (Mac)
    This version is able to do some, but not all of the analyses we will need in the course.
    An online user's guide is available:

    2. SAS. Available on UNCG network; also available free to students for home use: SAS at UNCG Resource
    Page. An online manual to accompany the text is available at the text companoin site.

    3. Other packages I will not mention in class but which are referred to frequently in the text are StatXact
    (Available at and S-Plus (Available on the UNCG network: S-PLUS Resources at
    UNCG.). A free, menu-driven educational version of S-Plus is available at

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