STA 661 – Advanced Statistics for the Behavioral and Biological Sciences

TR 12:30-1:45
Bryan 106

Required TextbookThe Statistical Sleuth: A Course in Methods of Data Analysis, 2nd edition,
by Ramsey and Schafer. (ISBN: 0-534-38670-9)

Tentative schedule of events
Lab #7 data:
Case Study 5.1.2

Lab #4 data:
Case Study 2.1.1
Case Study 2.1.2
Case Study 3.1.1

Calculus grades
US crime data

SAS Tutorial (Lab notes) Confidence interval for proportion paper
SAS Version 8 User's Guide Interesting Articles on Statistical Testing
SAS/STAT User's Guide Data Sets and Answers to Selected Exercises
UNCG Statistical Software Resource Page (Information on SAS, SPSS and S-Plus) Statistical Java Applets
Online SAS Tutorials:
SAS Guide from IRCS (UNCG)
SAS Analyst Application Tutorial (University of Texas)
Starting Out with SAS (Penn State)
Manual: Learning SAS in the Computer Lab, 2nd edition, by Rebecca Elliot. (ISBN: 0-534-35925-6)



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