Robert H. Stavn  (Ph.D., Yale University)

Department of Biology
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro, NC 27402-6174
office:  104 Bruce M. Eberhart Bldg.
phone:  (336) 334-4979
e-mail: stavnr@uncg.edu

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Research Interests: I study the penetration of photons into the ocean and their fate upon encountering molecules and suspended particles. The possible fates of the photons are to be absorbed (converted into heat or carbon compounds), scattered (diverted from the original trajectory), or transpectrally converted to another photon by Raman scattering or fluorescence. We have demonstrated that Raman scattering significantly contributes to the open ocean light field and possibly to deep ocean photosynthesis.

I am working on accurate remote-sensing algorithms for determining suspended minerogenic matter and chlorophyll concentrations in both the coastal and open ocean.  The key factor is characterizing the contribution of suspended mineral matter to the remote-sensing signal read by satellite and aircraft.  We have  succeded in producing accurate characterization of optical scattering cross sections for suspended mineral and organic matter.  We have developed a new method of multiple linear regression to accomplish this, Model II multiple linear regression.  We have also developed new methods of analysing suspended matter concentration in the ocean to take care of salinity retention errors on glass fiber filters.  Further characterization of suspended mineral matter, both qualitatively and quantatively, is being accomplished through collaborative work in X-ray Diffraction with the University of New Orleans.

We have completed new Super-computer Monte Carlo simulations of Ultra-Violet (UV) photon transport to study the effects of suspended sediment and particles on the penetration and possible harmful effects of UV light on aquatic and marine ecosystems.  High concentrations of sediment act to increase the harmful dosage level of penetrating UV light.

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