Special interest housing is an opportunity for undergraduate students who share common interests to live, learn, and grow together. There are signature residential learning experiences based on academics and thematic interests that help establish one-on-one relationships between faculty, staff, and students in a close-knit residence hall environment.

Special Interest Housing Locations

Themed Communities

A group of UNCG students in a Spartan Village common room laugh as they play with a puppy.


Located in Lee, in Spartan Village, Connect is designed to assist new transfer students to connect to the UNCG community for a successful transition.

A Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity member poses for a picture.

Greek Life

This themed community, located in Phillips/Hawkins, is home to fraternities and sororities dedicated to providing a well-rounded experience for sophomore, junior, and senior students with emphasis on scholarship, leadership, and service.

The exterior of the Phillip/Hawkins residence hall is framed by afternoon shadows.

Global Village

Located in Phillips/Hawkins, the Global Village is designed for first-year students interested in languages and world cultures.

Two UNCG students stand next to a piano while both playing trombones.

Studio 91

Studio 91 is an arts-based living community in Cone Hall for first-year students interested in visual and performing arts. Limited spaces are available for selected upperclass students.

Residential Colleges

A group of UNCG students sit in arm chairs and listen intently to a speaker.

Ashby College

Located in Mary Foust, Ashby is an academic and social community for first- and second-year students that considers questions of social justice through the lens of the contemporary media that influence how we make meaning.

A father and daughter pose for a picture during Move-In Day.

Strong College

Located in Guilford, Strong is an academic and social community for first- and second-year students that considers the questions, challenges, and possibilities of sustainability through hands-on research and community-engaged learning.

A group of female UNCG students pose for a photo at a capstone presentation.

Grogan College

Located in Grogan, this academic and social community for first- and second-year students incorporates project- and team-based learning to support the development of foundational professional competencies and transferable skills needed in many different types of careers.

Young man smiles as he listens to a speaker during a recognition ceremony.

Lloyd International Honors College

Located in Gray, the Honors Halls offer sophomore, junior, and senior Honors students pursuing all majors an invigorating environment where they build friendships, learn from each other, grow and develop.

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