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Computer Science is Changing Everything

Check out this video from the great people at code.org talking about how Computer Science is touching and revolutionizing almost every aspect of human life. Whether you want to just get a taste through one class, gain valuable skills through a minor, or become an expert through a major, the Department of Computer Science can help you develop digital literacy that empowers whatever path you pursue in life.


Austin Spears

Austin Spears
B.S. - 2012

Austin received a B.S. in computer science from our department in 2012, receiving the "Outstanding Undergraduate Student" award at graduation. Since graduation he has been working as a software developer for Datawatch Corporation. During his time with Datawatch he has worked on several desktop products, earning a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification for Windows applications development along the way. Recently, Austin lived in Stockholm, Sweden for three months to facilitate the integration of a newly acquired team / product into the organization and upon returning acted as technical lead for a team of developers at the Datawatch office here in Greensboro.


Jing Deng

Student Highlight - Brandon Joyce

Brandon Joyce, a student in UNCG's Accelerated Computer Science BS+MS program, will be presenting his research entitled "Sentiment Analysis of Tweets for the 2016 US Presidential Election" (research performed with Dr. Deng) at the 2017 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference, being held November 3-5 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In this research, Mr. Joyce and Dr. Deng used lexicon and machine learning techniques to calculate the sentiment of over 7 million tweets referring to either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump between July 31 and November 7, and found a strong correlation with political polls taken during that same timeframe. Their findings suggest that Twitter analysis is able to rival sophisticated polling techniques, and their work expands the knowledge base regarding mining social media.

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