Brandon Joyce

Student Highlight - Brandon Joyce

Brandon Joyce, a student in UNCG's Accelerated Computer Science BS+MS program, will be presenting his research entitled "Sentiment Analysis of Tweets for the 2016 US Presidential Election" (research performed with Dr. Deng) at the 2017 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference, being held November 3-5 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In this research, Mr. Joyce and Dr. Deng used lexicon and machine learning techniques to calculate the sentiment of over 7 million tweets referring to either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump between July 31 and November 7, and found a strong correlation with political polls taken during that same timeframe. Their findings suggest that Twitter analysis is able to rival sophisticated polling techniques, and their work expands the knowledge base regarding mining social media.

Shan Suthaharan

Faculty Highlight - Prof. Suthaharan

Prof. Suthaharan's course, "Big Data and Machine Learning," is listed on the Science of Information Learning Hub as the first "full semester" course, alongside courses from Stanford, Purdue, and MIT. The course, based on Prof. Suthaharan's book Machine Learning Models and Algorithms for Big Data Classification, sets the standard for teaching and introducing both students and scholars to this exciting area of work. The course materials are free to access, and have been used by people around the world.

Jing Deng

Faculty Highlight - Prof. Jing Deng

Jing Deng, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, has recently been named an IEEE Fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He is being recognized for his work in the development and optimization of wireless security and networking protocols. The number of IEEE Fellows selected in any year is limited to at most one-tenth of one percent of IEEE voting members, so this honor places Dr. Deng among the very top researchers and practitioners in the world. Dr. Deng currently leads a team of researchers in his lab that investigate issues related to wireless networks, social networks, and security techniques, developing knowledge and techniques that will connect individuals into communities and enable smarter and safer information exchange.

Aswini Sen

Student Highlight - Aswini Sen

Aswini Sen, a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science, presented her master's project work at the 12th Annual UNCG Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference, on November 12, 2016 and won an Outstanding Student Presentation Award in the graduate student category. Her project work is entitled "Study of the Sensitivity of Supervised Classification Models Towards the Increased Complexity of Data". Her master's research was supervised by Dr. Shan Suthaharan. After graduation Aswini will be joining Amazon as a Software Development Engineer.

Kendall Pitts
  	and Jothathon Tovey - Student Excellence Award Winners

Student Highlight - Kendall Pitts and Jonathon Tovey

Congratulations to computer science students Kendall Pitts and Jonathon Tovey for winning the UNCG Student Excellence Award, UNCG’s highest academic honor for undergraduate students. In addition to excellent grades, the criteria for this award include creativity and originality; motivation, initiative and perserverance; analytic, synthetic and critical thinking skills; and the ability to communicate ideas both orally and in writing. We are honored to have such outstanding students in our department!

Mokhaled Al-Hamadani
  	Presents Research at the Graduate Research and Creativity Expo

Student Highlight - Mokhaled Al-Hamadani

Mokhaled Al-Hamadani, a graduate student at the Computer Science department, presented his research at the 2015 Graduate Research and Creativity Expo, on April 9, 2015. In his research, "Evaluation of The Performance of Deep Learning Techniques," Mokhaled studied various deep learning techniques and evaluated them on the training and testing data sets that have been tampered with through various attacks. His master's research was supervised by Dr. Suthaharan.

Harry Rybacki
  	Presents Research at SNCURCS

Student Highlight - Harry Rybacki

On November 22, Harry Rybacki (Computer Science Senior) presented his research and senior project work at the 2014 State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium in Raleigh. Harry's project, "An IPython Notebook Based Collaborative Platform for Ellipsoid Modeling Sensor Data," is a system that allows researchers to work with, visualize, and collaborate using data from sensing systems. He was mentored in this project by Dr. Suthaharan, who also attended the event in Raleigh.

Prof. Tate and Jessica Denney on Fox 8 News

Highlights - Prof. Tate and Tony Ratliff

In another of the series of computer security stories run by Fox 8, Prof. Tate was interviewed about WiFi security. Tony Ratliff, a member of UNCG's Computer Security Club, helped put together and run a demo that showed capturing login credentials from wireless traffic. Watch the entire story on the Fox 8 Web Site.

Prof. Tate and Jessica Denney on Fox 8 News

Highlights - Prof. Tate and Jessica Denney

On October 9, Prof. Tate and Jessica Denney, computer science student and Secretary of the UNCG Security Club, appeared on a Fox 8 news story on E-mail security. They were filmed performing a demo of E-mail hacking and two-factor authentication, and were interviewed about how people can improve the security of their e-mail accounts. See the link for the full story!

Michelle Bayait and Rachel Harred

Student Highlights - Michelle Bayait and Rachel Harred

Congratulations to computer science students Michelle Bayait and Rachel Harred for winning the UNCG Student Excellence Award, UNCG’s highest academic honor for undergraduate students. Both women were nominated by the computer science faculty for not only outstanding academic performance, but also for their ability to apply the foundational and technical skills learned in the classroom to their own creative projects and ideas.

Girish Jammu and Steven Tamba

Student Highlight - Girish Jammu

Girish Jammu, a senior in the Computer Science B.S. program, met Steven Tamba (a Political Science major) freshman year at UNCG, and they have maintained a strong friendship and shared projects since then. While maintaining a challenging course load, the two friends have created and run a nonprofit, Education for Liberia, to raise scholarships for children in Liberia to attend school. Girish and Steven are not only pursuing their own studies and interests at UNCG, but are actively improving the lives of people thousands of miles away. For more information about these students and their foundation, see the UNCG press release.

Shan Suthaharan

Faculty Highlight - Prof. Shan Suthaharan

People around the department might be wondering where Dr. Suthaharan was in the Fall. The answer is that he was spending time on the west coast, as a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Statistics at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Suthaharan's recent work in "Big Data" analysis has attracted a lot of attention lately, including this invitation from Berkeley - ranked as the number two statistics program in the country. Since Dr. Suthaharan's return he has continued his work in Deep Learning here, providing insight into classifying data in large, high-dimensional data sets.

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