HHS Graduate Student Travel Awards

To apply for a HHS Graduate Student Travel Award (Doc), download and submit this application.

Travel awards are :
  • For a maximum amount of $200
  • Only 1 award per student per academic year available
  • Funds are only available after the travel is complete
  • Travel must be completed between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018
  • As funding is limited, eligibility is restricted to students who are authors or co-authors of papers or posters presented at a professional conference
  • Applications will be accepted throughout the year and decisions will be made on a rolling basis
Applications should be submitted to :
  • Heather Mitchell, University Program Associate
    by email at hsmitche@uncg.edu or in person at 235 Stone Building.

If the HHS Graduate Travel Fund Application (Doc) is approved, the student must fill out a travel reimbursement form, obtained from and completed in consultation with the student's departmental administrators, and submit the completed documents with departmental signatures to Heather Mitchell, hsmitche@uncg.edu, in order to receive travel reimbursement.