Values Announced as Theme for 2016-2017 at HHS Convocation

Values is Announced as the Theme for 2016-2017 at HHS Convocation

Theme for academic year : Values.
Our shared values bolster us and are the "Why" in all that we do.

Melissa Floyd-Pickard, Chair of the Department of Social Work and Chair of the UNCG Strategic Planning Values Sub-Committee spoke about the importance of values for a professional school like HHS, and how values are more than just 'just right and wrong'.

Jigna Dharod, Jeremy Rinker, Jonathan Tudge, and Stuart Schleien spoke about their research and how it relates to HHS values:

Professor Dharod
Dr Jigna Dharod
Dr. Jigna Dharod, Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, spoke about "Promoting health equity and well-being among low-income/immigrant/refugee communities." 
Dr. Jeremy Rinker, Assistant Professor, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, spoke about "Metta: Loving-kindness" Proefessor Ross and students
Dr. Jeremy Rinker
Participants in workshop
Dr. Jonathan Tudge

    Dr. Jonathan Tudge, Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, spoke about "Be grateful, not merely appreciative."
Dr. Stuart Schleien, Professor and Chair in the Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation spoke about "Inclusion: Accommodating all students"
Participants in workshop
Dr. Stuart Schleien