Welcome from Celia Hooper, Dean and Professor of HHS !

Celia Hooper - Dean of HHP

Welcome to the exciting School of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) !

HHS departments and programs are located in 6 buildings:

The Centers and special programs are all around campus. So, to visit the School wear your walking shoes!

All of our faculty members, staff and students are committed to improving the human condition. We try to improve people and institutions, working to make the world better, safer, healthier, more just and more humane. The School of Health and Human Sciences, through our seven departments, four programs, two School Centers and three departmental Centers values diversity, community engagement, and balance in the life-long development of the total person.

We have many special degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, there are five doctoral programs in HHS. Many of our graduate programs are accredited and/or nationally ranked and we pride ourselves on our community outreach and scholarship of engagement. The School will highlight community engagement and other forms of research, outstanding teaching, and service to the citizens of Greensboro, the region, the state, nation and the world.

Once a month I will have “talk to the dean sessions,” where anyone—faculty, staff, students, alumni, administrators—can pop in for a short visit. See the HHS web site for the dates, times and locations of these sessions.

For our alumni of HHS—whether you were alumni of Arts and Sciences, Health and Human Performance, Human Environmental Sciences, or the Graduate School—you will now have “dual citizenship,” as I do! I graduated from a program in Arts and Sciences that moved to Health and Human Performance, and now is moving to Health and Human Sciences…triple citizenship! Whatever your past alumni affiliation, join me as a fellow alumna/i in becoming part of HHS.

I invite you all to check our School and departmental web sites frequently, join our new HHS Facebook page, and check out the dean’s blog . Please let me know how I may help you learn about any of our exciting programs in HHS!

Celia R. Hooper, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor School of Health and Human Sciences
Mailing address :
401 HHP Bldg/Dean's Office
P.O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
VOICE : 336-334-5744
FAX : 336-334-3238
EMAIL : hhs@uncg.edu
Office locations : 401 A HHP building and 164A Stone building, alternating days. Call or email for appointment and location.
Dean's Blog : Visit the Dean's Blog here.