The Fitness Assessment


Dr. Allan Goldfarb
Exercise Physiologist
Department of Kinesiology
Voice: (336)334-3029

The Department of Kinesiology at UNCG offers fitness assessments to students, faculty, staff, and citizens of Greensboro and surrounding communities. Assessments are conducted & supervised by ACSM-certified exercise professionals.

Let us custom design a package for you!

Cardiorespiratory Endurance:
VO2 max (cycle or treadmill)
Submaximal tests (cycle or treadmill)

Body Composition:
Hydrostatic ("underwater") weighing
Skinfolds and circumference measures
Anthropometric measures

Muscular Fitness Testing:
Upper body endurance testing
Isokinetic strength testing

Food record analysis

Fitness Package:
body composition
submaximal VO2
muscular endurance
flexibility measurements
resting oxygen consumption

Exercise Prescription & Programming:
A personalized exercise program based on your history, goals, and preferences.

View the Fitness Assessment Program (PDF)