Math-Biology REU at UNCG

Application form for the 2018 REU

We are NOT accepting applications yet, but the information required is left below

The deadline to apply for the 2018 REU is Friday, February 16, 2018.

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Highest degree awarded by your department
Academic status in 2018-2019
Major (if applicable)
Minor/Second Major (if applicable)
Citizenship status
Ethnic Background
Name and email of reference #1
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In addition to sending this form, please email the following material to Jan Rychtar ( by February 16, 2018.

  • Cover letter that should describe your interest in the program, your mathematical background and any experiences you have had which prepare you to participate in an REU program. Be specific and provide details. We want to know why you would be a good fit for our program. Please tell us if you were excellent in the classroom, won an award, know a programming language, possess a unique skill, etc. One of the goals of our REU program is to have a participants from diverse backgrounds. Please tell us how you will help us achieve that goal.
  • An unofficial copy of your undergraduate transcript(s). It is very important that this copy is legible and contains all of your grades, courses completed and courses you are currently enrolled in. An official transcript may be required before admission into the program.
  • Both letters of references. At least one of the references must directly discuss your background in mathematics or biology. The second one could be an additional mathematics/biology reference, or could speak to your abilities in a relevant field (computer science, statistics etc.). Please let the writers of the letters email the pdf file directly to Jan Rychtář (