Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Degree Programs Overview

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a PhD in Computational Mathematics, a Masters in Mathematics, and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Statistics.

PhD in Computational Mathematics

The Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Mathematics is a 60 semester-hour program designed for students who hold a Masters Degree in mathematics or a closely related area. This challenging and rigorous program culminates in the defense of an original dissertation that is suitable for publication in a refereed journal. Upon completion of this degree the successful student will be capable of producing new results in their chosen area of research. Within the department are active researchers in areas of algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, combinatorics, differential equations, number theory, statistics, and topology, among others. It is possible to write a dissertation satisfying the requirements of the PhD in Computational Mathematics in any of these areas.

Masters in Mathematics

The Master of Arts degree has five concentrations: Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Data Analytics, Actuarial Mathematics, and Teaching College Mathematics. The purpose of the degree programs is to provide advanced training in these areas. Although it is often a terminal degree, the MA degree can also be viewed as a natural step towards a PhD degree.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Statistics

The purpose of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Statistics is to provide statistical training for persons who wish to enhance their knowledge of statistics, but do not want to pursue a formal degree or for professionals whose interests require a knowledge of statistics beyond the undergraduate level.