REU Computational Research on Local Fields and Galois Groups

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Chad Awtrey, Associate Professor at Elon University

Chad Awtrey's main research interests lie in algebraic number theory, p-adic fields, and computational Galois theory.

A passionate proponent of undergraduate research, he regularly engages undergraduates in problems related to his research program, and he fosters a commitment in his students to disseminate their work through publications and national/regional presentations.

Sebastian Pauli, Associate Professor at UNCG

Sebastian Pauli's research interests include algorithms for polynomials over local fields and the construction of extensions of local fields with given invariants.

Two of the recents dissertations written under him are Algorithms for Enumerating Invariants and Extensions of Local Fields and Computing Galois groups of Eisenstein polynomials over p-adic fields.


Sandi Rudzinski, Graduate Student at UNCG

Sandi Rudzinski is working on her dissertation under Sebastian Pauli. She is currently working on improving and implementing known algorithms for constructing class fields over local fields.

Scott Zinzer, Assistant Professor at Aurora University

Scott Zinzer's research interests lie in algebraic number theory and p-adic analysis.

He is deeply passionate about inviting students into the mathematics community and about introducing his students to new mathematical worlds (most notably arithmetic and analysis in the p-adic setting).

Chad Awtrey, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Elon University
Sebastian Pauli, Number Theory Group Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UNCG